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Cherish Doll Faith limited Vampire heads

Jan 9, 2011

    1. Is anyone thinking of ordering them?


      I am thinking of getting the Rick Vampire head with the slim body :)

      Anyone got feedback on these slim bodies?
    2. Is there no love for Cherish dolls?
    3. Adorable.......... very tempting.
    4. They look very nice. I love the vampire heads, Beau is my favorite.:) 25 dollars for a head seems very reasonably but I don’t understand how the slim body can only cost 55 dollars. *_* It seems too good to be true. Does anyone know why there so inexpensive?:)
    5. I like Andy and Sera. They are not that expensive. How tal are they? I can't find measurment of the dolls.
    6. Aren't they just so cute that Rick head is calling to me :)

      There are actually 2 body types, the slim body and the chubby body. The slim body will be able to wear most of Blythes and Licca fashions. it is also very easy to find patterns for these dolls online.

      The reason why they are so inexpensive is that Cherish is now doing their own casting, thus lowering the cost of making their dolls, so they make us benefit of this lower price. maybe the prices will go higher later this year so it might be a good idea to order. I do have a Cherish doll and they are cute sturdy little dolls. I want the slim body myself.

      Here's the info they give on the Cherish Site:

      here are the measurements for the chubby body the slim version I have no idea though.

      HEIGHT: 21 cm (so smaller than the Yo-sd, taller than a Pukifee)
      Head circumference: 5.13 Sorry Cherish told me they take 4, 4/5 wigs my bad
      eyes mm: 10
      foot lenght: 3.10 cm
      Chest: 10.4 cm
      waist: 9.5 cm
      hips: 11.6 cm (for girl) 11.4 cm (for boys)

      I hope this helps
    7. So tempting that now I have to check their feedback thread.........

      Hope it's good!
    8. They do have good feedback and I own a Cherish doll Chubby demon in tan and it's the old body but it's a nice doll.
    9. Thank you, Acexkeikai. It’s always nice to hear from someone who actually has a doll from a cretin company.:)
    10. Well I have no idea how the new body poses. I would think it poses better as it has better jointing and general design. I'll post my impressions once I get the slim body though. I might do a comparaison shot new slim body with the old body. I have a feeling the new body is going to win hands down ^^;;

      still have to wait till the 17th to actually do the order though.
    11. Sale will begin around 19:00 eastern time on Sunday :)
    12. ::blows the dust off:: aaaaaand I just ordered and paid my little vampire darling :)
    13. I look forward to seeing the little dearer. I’m very tempted, but my friend thinks I have too many dolls already and we are trying to save for our own place.;)
    14. oooh congrats to you ,acexkeikai, the limited vampire head are very hard to resist they are so darling, especially (for me ;) ) I also find Rick with his tiny little teeth very hard to resist with his smile!!!! and for the girls I am torn between Beau, which I found more"classical", and Abby ;)
      Also, I am wondering how the new "slim" body is going to pose; it sounds tempting to be able to dress the faith slim with takara clothing/blythe and maybe azone pure neemo would fit them well? after it's more a decision about the age of the character of the doll, either childhish/baby with rounder body or maybe more like a little teenager... argh I don't understand why, but right now i can't access to chersih website, it's uploading and uploading but no pics show up :/
    15. Beau is darling! And that price tag is hard to resist!
    16. I'm very attempted to order one as well.
    17. well it's been exactly one week since I ordered. They say within two weeks so they are going to send her soon :)
    18. Which one you are getting ace?
    19. I am getting the Rick vampire head on the Slim Body :)
    20. I wanted to get the twins, but I can only afford one head for the time being. I'm torn between Abby and Beau right now...