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Cherish doll questions!

Mar 23, 2007

    1. I'm just curious because i'm still in love with the little cherish doll unicorn girl.

      What size is she?

      How would she compare to a DIM tiny? (I have a DIM Chosel)

      What kind of clothes does she wear?

      Hmmm i think thats it. :) thanks in advance!
    2. She's 21cm. :)

      ...mine wears clothes I make. :D

      ...I know, I'm no help. :sweat

    3. The link to my tiny size chart is in the first message of a sticky thread here in the Tinies section. Looking at the measurements I think she would be like a little sister for Choseol. They are both fairly slim for their size, and Cherish is smaller in height, head size, eye size, and body measurements.

      If you go to the front page of the Tinies section (where all of the threads are listed), and pick Search This Forum, you can search for Cherish* clothes or search for Cherish* wigs

      I was able to pull up several threads that way.

    4. I'm not how she compares to Chosel but Cherish dolls are about 8" tall and very similar in size to Elfdoll Hana except they are a bit wider. They can only share some of Hana's clothing. They are a little too small to wear Leeke clothing.

      They wear 5"-6" wigs so they have a good selection of pretty wigs to wear. ^_^

      I'm wondering if they can wear Ginny or Riley clothing at all...
    5. I have Cherish doll Alley and have found some Riley clothes work very well. Pants seem a little short, but the crocheted outfits I've found on ebay are adorable on her!

    6. hmmm cool thanks! i'll look into it. i just saw that they sell her at that one site friends and dolls....and shes only 210. which is not bad. may consider her for a future purchase! :D
    7. You can buy her straight from Cherish with free shipping, as as you spend at least $200. I got mine only 4 1/2 days after ordering. :)

    8. Barbie clothes. No, seriously. My boy has a number of Barbie clothes which fit him perfectly. ^^; You have no idea how hard it is to find boy-ish Barbie clothes. Ken clothes are too big. oO

      I've ordered a pair of Blythe sneakers, and I'll tell you if those fit as soon as they get here. :)
    9. Oh, and Dollndoll.com ships them for free, for the price of the doll ($175). :) And they take requests for wig and eye colors (they filled the requests for my Chubby Demom boy).
    10. Here is a mockup of the size of Choseol (30cm) vs Cherishdoll (21cm)


      And I gotta stop doing these mockup pics for people - I ended up buying a nude Choseol on Ebay! I have to stop looking at dolls I don't have! I hope she's not too white - the photos they showed looked light normal skin but it's a nude Ballerina and they may be all white?

    11. Mine fits in some Riley clothing, but not all. Same with Tiny Betsy. For shoes, I've found that the ones meant for the Kish Dolls of Many Lands fit well.
    12. My Alley unicorn girl wears modern Ginny clothes, no problem. She fits in everything but the shoes. Those I ordered from Juju's Doll Mall. :)
    13. Ah i didnt know that. I just have issues with paypal...so an american site would be easier for me. but for that i'd be much more inclined to transfer funds to a friends account!! :D She's simply too cute and i love her little unicorn horn!! <3

      Really!? barbie clothes fit her!? score! Cleo, August and her can share clothes!!!

      Oooh that sounds really tempting. i'll have to wait awhile before i can go ahead and do that...but it isnt bad at all!

      Oh thanks for the mock up! looks like she would fit along well with my little Yukiko! :D I dont know which chosel she actually is, but she is paper white! ^_^; I've been meaning to blush her little hands and feet! But i'm very much in love with her face mold and such! If you decide you dont like her, i may be interested in buying her off of you! i thought it would be cute to mod one and make a little kitten girl...because Yukiko sometimes looks very kittenish too me! :)

      Riley clothes! cool! i've seen those on e-bay before. I'm not really fammiliar with american doll companies. LOL!

      Ginny too! awesome! well at least i know she wont be a total diffcult little girl to dress. :D
    14. Update...Blythe sneakers from Mimiwoo fit. (Cross posted to some other thread today, but hey, this way, it's more liable to be found).


    15. After several unsuccessful tries, I finally found a pink wig that fits! Monique Gold Faith in 5-6! Yay! :)
    16. She can wear Hillary Duff Doll clothes. they're cute and they fit really well, and they're less expensive.
    17. I've asked this before with no response but does anybody know if a cherish alley girl can fit the clothes of a lati yellow SP girl body???
    18. so it seems like no one has been on this for a while. but I am getting a Cherish Beau girl, and was looking to find out a bit from anyone who has one!? anyone?! lol
    19. I have a cherishdoll demon kid and he can wear blythe clothes. They are a very good fit. He's got a few sugarmag outfits. o_o they are just too cute to pass up.
    20. I know I want her sooo bad but I was afraid maybe there was something wrong with them since I can't really find anything (recent atleast) on here about them. lol

      I also want to get Chubby later he is just toooooo cute!!! lol