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Cherishdoll 1st anniversary

Sep 3, 2007

    1. Here's the mail I received from Cherishdoll

      ** Cherishdoll has a plan to have a major sales event for the first anniversary on Sep/08.

      1. The first event
      * Sep/08 ~ Sep/20 : 20% ~ 30% off for all goods in Cherishdoll

      - Execpt for the limited goods & new arrivals.
      - This sale is prepared in return to our all valuable customers for last one year.
      - The order which is not paid till Sep/30 will be cancelled automatically.

      2. The second event
      *Sep/08 ~ Sep/30 : Limited goods on sale
      (Con Jodie Head, Con Lani Head, Sleeping Alley Head, Sleeping Lani Head)

      - The basic, snow & suntan skin are optional.
      - The card for limited period will be attached.
      - Con Jodie Head, Con Lani Head, Sleeping Alley Head, Sleeping Lani Head for limited period only.
      (There is no plan to sale again.)

      3. The third event
      * On Sep/08, Sleeping Alley & Sleeping Lani will be on limited sale as fullset.

      - This head is only for limited period.
      - The cerfiticate is issued.
      - Sale from Sep/08 to Sep/30 only.

      4. The fourth event
      - Sep/08 ~ Sep/30 : Suntan skin on sale. (No plan for re-sale)

      ** On Sep/08 its all image will be updated.

      => Hope your interest more.