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Cherishdoll and dollndoll bodies review?

Jan 25, 2009

    1. I haven't found very much mention of cherishdoll and dollndoll msd bodies (girls specifically) and I am interested in them :) If anyone has any of the newer ones, can you tell me what you think of them, in terms of posing, standing, sitting, etc?

      Thanks :)
    2. I have a Cherishdoll Eileen with the newer two-part torso body, and she's also double-jointed in the legs and elbows, and she poses very well (compared to my Volks Yo-SD and my Soulkid-with-the-"original"-General-body anyway). She stands quite easily (usually just a matter of adjusting the upper torso for balance), and is a ton of fun to play with. Her knee joints especially are very snappy (they click into two distinct positions). And her joints are definitely not the most attractive things ever (both the elbow and knee have a raised part that looks nice when the arm or leg is straight, but a little funky looking when bent, like she's wearing armpad or kneepads)...though that's usually true of most double-jointed dolls.

      I'm really surprised that aren't more Cherish minis around. Eileen is super cute--though I can see where, if you're not a fan of big eyes, you might not be a fan of her ^__^;
    3. Sarako: Thanks so much for your review, it was perfect, especially how you listed both the pros and the cons :) I always wonder why I don't see more on there, I really like the poses the new body can do (or the pics I've seen of it anyways) though I understand that maybe not everyone wants eileen's head ;)

      The double joints bug me a tad but not enough to make me not consider buying one XD Thanks again though <3
    4. Oh, no problem. And snappy joints is just one of those things--my Volks Yo-SD has snappy knees too and I can't get her to sit unless it's suwarrico (though she doesn't have the KIPS discs/sueding, that might help ;) )

      Double-joints are actually really fun to play with if you're looking for posability. The single-jointed bodies do tend to have nicer lines, it's mostly a matter of what you're looking for in your doll.

      Oh, and I bought my Eileen direct from the company, and she shipped promptly and all of that--so I definitely recommend buying direct from Cherishdoll :)
    5. Just wondering for those who have Cherishdoll mini (Hope)... What is the size of the feet?
      in the 2 sizes please. length x width.

      because I couldn't find cherishdoll msd measurement.. T_T (or I dunno if it's just me, hehe )