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Cherishdoll - Chubby-Demon Fullset!!

Feb 22, 2007

    1. Cherishdoll - Chubby-Demon Fullset!!

      * Chubby-Demon Limited is going to be released soon!!

      * From February 28, 2007

      Looking forward to having your great interest to our dolls. :D


      * Chubby-Demon
    2. Will there be a Unicorn full set too?
    3. We are now preparing for Alley-Unicorn to be released as soon as possible.

      Hope your further interest to our dolls.

      Thank you.
    4. There are 10 fullsets, but Chubby demon is already available as a standard release ^^
    5. Just wanted to note, I got the fullset and I'm extremely happy. The quality of work on the leathers is very high, and his makeup is done a bit more red - I thought I'd need to work on him because he would be very pink, but he has a nice rust undertone which is great for a little demon boy. His horns are *awesome* and carefully painted. I adore him, definitely going to get another Cherishdoll later on.