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Cherishdoll Faith (girl) questions

Jun 2, 2008

    1. I am waiting for the arrival of my first BJD a Cherishdoll faith Alley, i fell in LOVE with her as soon as i saw her. but the more i look into it the harder it seems to find things that will fit. i have looked at the other threads and still have alot of quetions sooo...

      -How does she compare to other Tinies (Yo-SD, Lati Yellow SP, ect.) can she wear the clothes from these dolls?
      -where can i get eyes small enough for her i have trouble finding 10mm eyes ?
      -Where can i get wigs that fit her other than from cherish?
      -how well do the licca dresses fit, can i let her wear the licca kimono/yukata?
      -Is there anywhere i can get paterns to make clothes for her?

      I hope this can help anybody else that has these questions
      (I have looked at the size chart many a time, i find it hard to compare with so many different proportions)
    2. I have a Cherish Alley, I've used Bambicrony patterns for her with a bit of tweaking and there are some vintage doll patterns for plastic 8" Wendy or Ginny that fit beautifully. I use a 5/6" wig generally, she is really quite easy to fit once you start searching around the older patterns for dolls her size. The Licca outfit I bought for mine was too small. Janet
    3. hmm alot of people say that licca works well, and i have seen pictures to prove but thanks for the advice on paterns and wig size. im just kinda jittery about my first BJD.
    4. Having owned a Lani, I have to say the cherishdoll faith types are pretty solid and heavier than Bambicrony dolls. I personally liked that CD's were more solid. * Only the one peice torso, they have new two parts and I've never seen these newer bodies in person.

      Anyway, CD's are smaller and fit more barbie sized clothing than my bambi could ever fit. I believe there is a bambi and cherish comparison pic up in the posted threads... you'll probably have to scan over the thread to find it.

      Wigs and eyes can be bought off ebay. Faith is 5.5 if I recall correctly.
      I even bought some solid glass eyes for the new owner to have off a random dolls and bears store on ebay.

      Yo shoes will be enormous. I could never really find shoes, but I did stretch some 8 inch Madam Alexander shoes to fit. Also those chuck tailor shoes fit snuggly, they're marketed more for blythes and other 27cm dolls.
    5. I have both the old body and new body in my possession right now, and they each have their advantages and disadvantages.

      Old body: Heavier, nearly solid resin torso (only small stringing channels) Limited movement, can be kicky. Torso and arms are more attractive then new body.

      New body: Lighter, two part torso, double-jointed elbows, unusual leg rotation jointing. Body is less attractive then old one-piece torso, hand pose is possibly even sillier. :sweat

      I use 10mm eyes (I buy Gaia's eyes from Kemper) and wear CD wigs. I have purchased Bleuette sized shoes for her, they can be a tick loose, but in socks they are fine.

      I love Cherishdoll, and have purchased mulitiple dolls from them, as well as insane amounts of wigs. Minor hiccup during their tan doll special, but that turned out well in the end anyway. :)

      Enjoy your new girl!

    6. Thank you for the info!!
      unfortunately the $100 that i lent my mother that was suposed to go towards her i wont be seeing anytime soon. so i need to wait a few more paychecks to order her T_T minor setbacks aside i cant WAIT to join the ranks of BJD and cherishdoll owners!!!

      (my mom thinks im crazy now lol)