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Cherishdoll Favian Comparison Pix PLZ

Jan 17, 2008

    1. hey my next doll will be a cherishdoll favian and i was wondering if anyone had him or knew anything about him. pix are lovely!

      please and thank you!

    2. Favian is 42cm tall. The "Hope" category boy's body is listed as having the following measurements:

      Cherishdoll Hope-size Male
      -. Height : 42cm = 16.5inch
      -. Head : 18.7cm = 7.4inch
      -. Low-cut : 7cm = 2.7inch
      -. The length of the shoulder : 9cm = 3.5inch
      -. The length of the arm : 13.8cm = 5.4inch
      -. The wrist girth : 5.1cm = 2inch
      -. The waist girth : 14.4cm = 5.7inch
      -. The hips girth : 18.5cm = 7.3inch
      -. The thigh girth : 10.3cm = 4inch
      -. The length of the leg : 23.5cm = 9.3inch
      -. The ankle girth : 6.2cm = 2.4inch
      -. The length of the foot : 5.5cm = 2.2inch
      -. The sex : Male

      Compare his measurements to the measurements of other dolls - this chart has most popular BJD's in it though most are probably the original versions of the bodies.


      Guesses -

      For shoes you'll have to wait and see if his foot is slim and delicate or wide and a bit stockier. If the slim (around 2.3cm wide at the widest point) and delicate, male Unoa/Narin/MNF shoes would be right. If the foot is wide and stockier, then MSD shoes that would fit Volks MSD.

      With a 7.4 inch head he probably wears 7-8 wigs though some may be too big or deep. He might also fit in mini wigs from DOC and Souldoll (their minis have about 7 inch heads) and might fit in some very stretchy 6-7 wigs (but maybe not).

    3. thanks so much!
    4. I checked and there don't seem to be any other threads in Minis or the Galleries about the Hope-size Cherishdoll boy. You may be on your own figuring out clothing since he's pretty new.

    5. yeah i hope someone gets him before me! if not, ill be in uncharted territory! XD
    6. bumping to the top