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Cherishdoll help! I'm frustrated. o_o

Oct 14, 2008

    1. I love my little Chubby...but he's giving me so many problems! I really think it's his body, I get to frustrated when playing with him. It's starting to make me want to sell him. I really don't want to do that.

      So my questions are: How is the new body compared to the old body? (I have the old body) Like, can you move the hands? That really bugs me, I mean they are just so stiff looking to me.

      Is there any other body that I could switch out and make him a hybrid?

      The things that bother me the most is that the hands are very stiff and can't slant. And the legs and arms just sort of snap up all the time. I've restrung him before, and it didn't really help...it sort of got worse. And the elastic was more loose than before. Is there anyway to fix these problems? Like could I replace the strings with s-hooks?

      Please help, I really don't want to sell my boy.

      Also if any of the bodies that are compatible with Cherish dolls are female or unisex, please post them anyway!
    2. i know the lati yellow SP are simular in size to the cherishdolls but i have neither as of yet i will be getting two cherish kids soon. perhaps they would be compatable?
    3. I have a Cherishdoll head on an Orientdoll Joong body. I thought the Cherishdoll head was too small for the Cherishdoll body, so changed it and the Orientdoll one matches perfectly. She is about Tiny Betsy McCall size so I can make the Doll Co-ordinate Recipe clothes for her. Now I think I will put a Lati Yellow head on the Cherishdoll body, as it's larger. And she's a good poser!
    4. Oh wow! How's the resin match on that one? I'll look up some things! Thank you guys so much.
    5. I sat down and sueded him earlier. He moves a lot better now. Maybe that's all he needed. ;D Now I just need to find him the right eyes and wigs. Size 5-6 are very hard to find. Most of them are so girly... And then eyes! 10mm...poo. Still better than selling him though.
    6. I was just about to suggest that you suede him, but you got to it before I could.;) I had to suede my Chubby to get her to pose more effectively as well. I've since sold her body (it was the old one), but the sueding really helped. I had also made some custom s-hooks for her wrists and ankles which helped a bit with the range of movement.

      Shannonc, I had considered an Orientdoll body as a replacement for my Chubby, but I'd been told before that the OD body would be too small. Would you mind sharing a pic of your hybrid, so I can see what it looks like? I'm really interested in that.

      Also, Kittyasauras, I have my Chubby's default wig that's just sitting in its packaging. You're welcome to it if you'd like. It's the one in this pic:


      Shoot me a PM if you want it.:)
    7. Actually I was looking for a caramel blondish wig. But thank you so much for the offer! You are very kind!

      I'm interested in the hybrid picture too. <3
    8. Here are some pics of my Alley on her Orientdoll body:

    9. Oh, wow. That's a really good match. Doesn't look all that big on the body either.
    10. :love Oh, she looks really cute! Thanks so much for posting those, Shannon! Now I have a different option to consider.:)