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Cherishdoll-New (Alley & Chubby) Cone Head.^_^

Jan 26, 2007

    1. Cherishdoll-New (Alley & Chubby) Cone Head.^_^

      * From January 30, 2007

      * NEW Faith-type with (Alley, Chubby)Cone Head.


      * Alley-Cone

      * Chubby-Cone

    2. Discussion thread is here!

      They're very cute!!

      In English, "cone head" means something a little different -- you might want to call these "unicorn" and "demon" heads so that more people would understand the thread title.

      Best of luck!

      -- Andi :)
    3. Thank you very much.

      Thank you for a good name.
    4. They're lovely! The blushing on the horns is so nicely done ^^

      Will these be limited at all?
    5. Now Alley-Unicorn & Chubby-Demon are for standard sale,
      and their limited versions will be released soon.

      Thank you!!