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Cherishdoll-The Doll(Lani) is newly release!!

Nov 30, 2006

    1. New doll is going to be released soon!

      NEW Faith-type with Girl(Lani) Doll.:)
      Have a lot of interests and loves to new dolls.


    2. Christmas event

      The first event
      The Christmas limited closes those can fit existing Alley and Chubby doll
      and new Jodie and Lani doll will sell.
      The start day is on Dec. 8th.
      The random will be given, if the Christmas closes be purchased during the
      second event.

      The second event
      The person who purchases over $50 at cherishdoll will be given a free wig
      which is random.
      The date: Dec. 4th ~ Dec. 18th.

      Thank you for interest in Cherishdoll.