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Dec 19, 2008

    1. What can you tell me about Cherishdoll? Does anyone own one? I am considering buying a C.D body, but I really would like to see owner pictures first. Are they chunky MSDs, or thinner..?

    2. I have a Cherishdoll Alley normal skin and I didn't like her head on her body much - I swapped it with an Orientdoll Joong body. She looks heaps better. Don't know her neck size - if I can remember, I'll measure it and post it later.
    3. I am getting the Eileen Ver.2 limited in a few days, and I can post resin comparisons with Souldoll and Volks ^^
    4. ^ Cool, thanks! Are you getting NS or BW? Even if you get the white skin I'd love to see body comparisons for those companies ^^

      Shannonc60: That's true. So the NS matches orientdoll? Is it light, dark, pink, yellowish?

    5. Yes, my girl is normal skin. It's fairly light, maybe very slightly peachy in tone. A really nice colour.
    6. Thank you ^^

      I'm still deciding whether to get a Cherishdoll body or not. The MSDs are so rare on DOA. I've seen one person with one.
    7. bumping for wanting to know size measurement for Cherishdoll MSD (Hope)...
    8. I really like Sleeping Eileen or Favian^ ^
      ...considering order one...but...are these two dolls so rare?I haven't seen anybody own one...
    9. I'd like to see some pics too^_^
    10. I have the older Favian. I will try to take some pictures later today.
    11. Hello! I have a question about the Cherishdoll site and I didn't know where to put it...I asked a question on their Q&A but the message they replied with is locked. When you click it they ask for a password. I tried the password for my account but it didn't work so now I don't know how to read their reply to my question. Anyone know how to fix this problem?