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Cherry Blossom Fer for Pre Order at Dolls and Friends!

Jun 4, 2008

    1. Cherry Blossom Fer will be here at the end of November (Lavender, sometime before). But we have a few left to sell as pre order.... so have at it! There will be FREE shipping for those within the states. These Fers will NOT be shipped with the silly boxes but packed in polybags instead and shipped in priority boxes. There isn't enough time for us to do special shipping details on Fers this time. I'm sorry about this!

    2. There's a good chance it will be remade later this summer. It sold out faster than we expected.

      Next up is Cherry Blossom Fer in light pink. We will be taking pre-orders in about one month.
    3. Are there plans for re-releasing indigo as well this summer?

      (Since there are a lot of questions about re-releases, do I have this right? Since all colors are exclusive to a seller, no other seller can reproduce any other seller's colors?

      Ivory : Dolls and Friends : released twice, no re-release
      Mint: Dolls and Friends : released twice, no re-release
      Wine: Dolls and Friends : released twice, no re-release
      Dusty Rose: Dolls and Friends : released twice, no re-release
      Pewter: Dolls and Friends : released twice, no re-release
      Sky Blue: Dolls and Friends : released once
      Lavender: Dolls and Friends : August re-release
      Indigo: Dolls and Friends : summer or fall re-release? -if I'm lucky ^_^-
      Cherry Blossom: Dolls and Friends : released once

      White : Dollheart : released twice...
      Black : Dollheart : released twice...
      Royal Purple: Featherfall : fall re-release
      Antique Lace: Featherfall : June release
      Chocolate: BJDollarama : released twice... banned seller?)
    4. That Cherry Blossom sounds amazing, is there any way to get on a mailing list to know when they will be up fo preorder/sale? ^_^
    5. We did a re-release of Ivory Fer already and don't have plans to make more. We're probably going to do a re-release of Lavender Fer in August and then Indigo Fer again. We've got a couple of color requests in with Dollheart; the problem is getting the fabric in the colors we want.

      We'll do a newsletter before the next Fer release with more specific information as to timing. Cherry Blossom should be a lovely color for summer. :)

      Thanks for your interest in the Fers!
    6. Hi

      When do you expect the lavender fers to be in?

    7. Hi,

      Hopefully around the end of July/before the middle of August. But you never know with Dollheart. :)
    8. Any news on the Cheery Blossom Fers?
    9. Hi,

      It'll go up for pre-order next Wed. afternoon around 1:30. It is a solid pale pink.
    10. Is it possible to get a link to the page it will be on?
    11. It's up for sale now. You can search for "fer" on their site, and you should find a link.
    12. Ooh hope I ordered right are we supposed to get an email after we order
    13. I recieved a confirmation email. It is autogenerated.
    14. Will we be charged when they arrive instore? I know the down payment was taken at time of the order, but will the rest go through when they arrive?
    15. From my experience, you pay the down payment and then when they come in, you send the rest of the payment. I used a credit card my first time and they didn't autobill me if that is what you are asking Rynn.
    16. Ah, ok, so I'll be looking for that email then cause I thought they would. Otherwise, I would have used the paypal balance...ah well.
    17. Is this Cherry Blossom basically a white/ivory with pink edges? Or is it all one color: a light baby pink?

      I apologize, since the small photo of the actual material is difficult for me to see on my monitor. The color reminds me of strawberry cheesecake ice cream: cream with pink-red swirls.
    18. I believe it is solid light pink.