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Cherry Castle 1/3 Dolls

Feb 14, 2019

    1. I checked, and there didn't seem to be any thread on Cherry Castle's larger dolls? There was a thread for the minis though, and I read some posters there saying there that they had trouble with communicating with the dealer (though that was ten years ago already?) who sold their dolls to them...

      Anyway, would appreciate if any owners of Cherry Castle's bigger dolls would be willing to share their experiences regarding resin quality, poseability, and other characteristics? Seems Cherry Castle has a few videos of their dolls up on Youku, and the story for one series of dolls really fascinated me. If the quality is up to par I'd definitely buy them:


      Far as I can tell, the story is that there's a fox demon named Qiu Tong (Shuu Dou, meaning Autumn Pupils) who was rescued by a man named Wang Yue You (Since this seems to be Japanese inspired based on the costumes, Mochizuki Yuu. Which means Excellent/Superior Full Moon) as a child. Wang Yue You was a priest (?) who was supposed to capture the demon that had been stealing food around the area, but he felt sorry for the young fox demon and ended up visiting him every day and bringing food so that Qiu Tong won't have to steal anymore. This went on for several days, with Wang Yue You promising that he'd visit every day as long as Qiu Tong was a good boy.

      Then Wang Yue You's superior reminded him that it was his job to kill that demon, and if he didn't do it then they'd send someone else to do it instead. Wang Yue You did go out with the intention of killing him, but found he couldn't do it. The only thing he could do was seal Qiu Tong within the perimeter of the small shrine where they first met.

      Years (or centuries) pass, and one day a little girl named Qian Ye Xi (either Senya Seki or Chiyo Yuu, can't determine if onyomi or kunyomi reading is used in this case. Her name means evening of a thousand nights, or just a thousand nights) gets lost in the woods, where a now grown up Qiu Tong finds her. He asks what she's doing there, because the woods are no place for a little girl alone. She says she was playing with her brother and got lost. Qiu Tong offers to help her look for her brother, and it's likely he's at the summer festival near the big shrine, so he takes her there. There's a cute sequence where they're pretty much just stopping by each of the stalls, until they finally bump into her brother... who looks exactly like Wang Yue You!

      Qiu Tong has a flashback sequence to his childhood with Wang Yue You, which Qian Ye Xi seems to be able to "hear" in her head. Qiu Tong says to You: "you've come back", to which the reborn Wang Ye You responds with a "sorry, but do I know you?" type response. Qiu Tong looks really sad (yes, they actually managed to make the doll convey sadness in the video) and says "It looks like it's time to wake up from this dream..." before vanishing right in front of them.

      Fast forward to seven years later. Qian Ye Xi is now a young lady, and she's sitting in front of Qiu Tong's shrine, holding his fox mask in her hands and thinking about him when her brother arrives and puts his hand on her shoulder. I really couldn't understand the last sequence, but she's a child at the festival again.The Qiu Tong with her has reverted to his child form, and her brother arrives wearing the Shinto priest robes he wore in his past life. Kid Qiu Tong rushes into his arms while she stands there like a bystander. This goes on for a while, then she comes closer and (I have no idea why) gives what looks like a thumbs down? Then the camera does a close up on the Qiu Tong in Wang Yue You's arms as that image fades to be replaced with a shot of adult Qian Ye Xi with her eyes closed in though or reminiscing. It's both beautiful and sad and moving enough to make me want to buy all the dolls featured in the video.

      Aside from the dolls in this story, Cherry Castle also has a series called "Four Brothers" who look pretty nice as well.
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    2. I can't seem to get the videos to play right now, but the story you described sounds super interesting! I love it when companies make intricate stories for their dolls, especially if they're fantasy and Asian themed. I'd known about Cherry Castle's four brothers, but didn't know they made other 1/3 dolls. Definitely will have to keep an eye out for more from this company.

      Just curious, do you have links to the dolls depicted in the video? I assume they're on Cherry Castle's taobao but can't access it from my work computer, haha.
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    3. Maybe youku has regional restrictions? Though I tried playing it on mobile right now and it's on endless buffer. The 30 second ad video before it does show up before the buffering for the actual video though. I love the way they did the stop motion in the videos, so I hope you manage to get them to play.

      Anyway, here are the links to the dolls. The prices for the fullsets are really tempting since they're all under 3000 yuan..

      Wang Yue You

      Adult Qiu Tong

      Child Qian Ye Xi

      Adult Qian Ye Xi

      There doesn't seem to be a doll for child Qiu Tong, unless he's already been discontinued and no longer listed on their taobao.

      Edit: I checked forum rules and it said that links to official company stores/listings are allowed. Mods, kindly remove the links if this isn't the case
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