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Cherry Castle dolls!

Aug 6, 2009

    1. They're cute! I love the sleeping 12.5 cm one...Lulu is pretty too...but sad...
    2. I hope they get the website going soon. I've never really seen a tiny that I particularly liked but these are adorable! :aheartbea
    3. Oh, joy! More tinies! And very cute ones! Have to have that little pointy-eared boy!
    4. They're adorable! This is horrible, but I want all the girls! :D:o:D
    5. I'm dying from want of these little heartbreakers!:XD: I hope they get their website up soon and have some body shots. I hope they're anatomically correct:bcupcake
    6. They don't looks as "chubby" as some of the tinies and the faces seem a bit more mature, so these may be just the type I especially like! Yes, let's hope that website gets up and running fast!
    7. I think I may like these .so far Im likeing what I see .Im hopeing for a jointed torso
      I have a think for tinys this size xx
    8. They're very cute. Oh, I'm so tempted to get Lulu or Qian Qian. Or both! XD
    9. These are adorable little dolls and I wish I had never looked into this thread.
    10. :XD: Isn't that usually the way? I love these little things, too... for some reason they remind me of Wishels which I have a strong affection for.. I'm definitely getting at least one of these.. famous last words:bcupcake:aheartbea
    11. Bodies are up! Boys have bits and they have two-part torsos. Also, rabbit parts are coming soon!
    12. I think Kaitlin is gonna get a sister..or brother...now...well half sister..So cute can't wait to see the site and see the rabbit parts :D
    13. Will puki items fit the 1/12 scale dolls?
    14. Oooooo very very nice ...dashes off to see whats on my CC lol
    15. The body for the 1/6 dolls look super poseable! I wonder if the legs for the 1/12 were bent as far as it'd go, though. Still, I really like the bodies!
    16. Oh nooo! That's it... I'm sooooo in trouble!:lol::bcupcake I'll be having at least one of the teenie ones, I'm soo excited they have bits :XD:
    17. I asked about the shipping prices to the UK:
      That price seems really good :o
    18. They need to get this website up and selling. Like now. Right NOW. Or better yet, yesterday!
    19. Totally agreed! Haha:D I just bought a body for my little floating head and I'm afraid I would have asked him to wait for his body a little longer if I had seen this beforehand!