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CherryDoll Pants For MSD

Mar 5, 2008

    1. I got my order from CheeryDoll.

      I got to pair of pants which oddly smell really good :sweat but I'm weird like that. I'm pretty sure they'll fit, I'm just a little worried about the 'crotch area' :sweat has anybody had trouble with them not fitting?
    2. Do you mean Cheerydoll? If so I have NEVER had a problem with them not fitting...infact they are a PERFECT fit...for me at least...

    3. Woops! :doh yea that's what I mean :sweat but thanks!
    4. Every mini is a different size. Mini hips range from about 17cm to 20cm. What mini are you talking about and what gender?

    5. DollZone Fei/Male
    6. When you asked here someone said the models on Cheerydoll looked like Volks MSD:

      But I notice the slacks look long (baggy at ankles) on the models:

      MSD boy leg length is 19cm, waist 15.5, Hips 18.5

      I will check to see where the legs were measured to/from. Then you can compare to your boy.

      EDIT - MSD's legs were measured from bottom of crotch to top of foot

      Dollzone boys have stated leg length of 22cm, waist 14.5, hips 19
      But I have no idea where the 22cm was measured from - what do you get for bottom of crotch to top of foot?

      So I think the Cheerydoll MSD pants will probably work as long they aren't tight in the butt but they could end up being a little short, and if the waistband is high they made be loose in the waistband. No way to tell unless another Dollzone male owner tells you (Dollzone females have much smaller hips).