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Chica Bonita Bebe Discussion

Jul 14, 2016

    1. I can't seem to find any discussion threads for these cuties so I thought I'd make one! :D

      Official Site:
      Ball jointed doll shop :: BJD Chicabonita

      [ Bebe Line Body ]
      ◈ Age : 5세
      ◈ Height : 26cm (헤드 포함)
      ◈ Sex : 중성 바디
      ◈ Head : 26cm급 (6-7") 헤드 호환
      ◈ Skin color : 노멀(Normal), 밀크(Milk)


      Personally, I'm on the verge of buying myself a Milk Dorothy. I contacted CB asking when she would be re-stocked, and they told me I could put a custom order in for her via e-mail.
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    2. Chica Bonita make some very cute sculpts and I love their simple child like bodies! I love some of their tan releases but haven't ever commited to getting one just yet. Hope to see yours though! :)
    3. Glad you started the thread. These are indeed cuties. They are the height that I am most interested. I am fairly new to the hobby and there are so many wonderful dolls to want. Seeing what someone already has and reading posts about it, says more to me than just looking on a web site. :)
    4. @Dybbuk, they do have a really sweet tan. I was considering getting a Ginger Dorothy but the tan is extra $$$ and I've just recently bought a different tan 1/6th doll. :sweat

      @DollMama, I definitely agree that seeing owner pictures is mega helpful! I've been in the community for a little while, but only discovered my love for 1/6th dolls this year. Go figure!

      I sent CB an e-mail with my order form last night and posted on their Q&A board to let them know that I did so. Hopefully I get a response soon and everything goes smoothly. :eusa_pray
    5. @NekoNyanMew : That they do... reminds me of coffee with lots of cream in it. *_* I hope your order goes smoothly with CB. I've never seen one in person or known anyone who has ordered from them, so I'd be interested to hear how your experience is. I'm rather in love with some of their larger dolls, but just haven't had the bravery yet... >_<
    6. @Dybbuk, They do have some gorgeous bigger dolls. I love Kanaria and Twinkle Twinkie, but they're way too expensive for me. Plus, I only have space for tinies at the moment, because I've got 3 MSDs and one Dollfie Dream taking up half of my display cabinet. :sweat

      In other news, I ordered a Milk Dorothy last night! CB got back to me and told me the final price for the doll + faceup was $333.00. Since their e-mail woke me up in the middle of the night, I guess I didn't read it very clearly, because I accidentally sent them $330.00. They confirmed payment within a matter of minutes and said they'd start working on the doll immediately. Once I woke up properly this morning I sent over the extra $3.00 and apologized via e-mail. Of course I'd make a clumsy mistake like that. Hopefully they don't mind!

      Here's a photo of Milk Dorothy I found on Flickr. :kitty2
      [​IMG]My new little baby - ChicaBonita Milk Dorothy by BliSS Vulpes, on Flickr
    7. Hi all!

      My Dorothy arrived last Friday. :D I posted a box opening thread here in case anyone is interested.
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    8. :XD:hi chicabi family, and sadly only few post ....:atremblin
      my 1/6 doll only chicabi:love
    9. What a cutie, @Miss you! Is that the Margaret sculpt? :kitty2
    10. :XD:yes, is Ginger Margaret
    11. Hi I just bought my first doll, an adorable 16cm girl! I was hoping more people had these dolls cause I think they r adorbs! I Ordered her a month ago and I'm so excited to get her! Anyone else have any to share?
      This is my girl...she's a limited Chico baby circus :)
      [Limited] ChikoBaby Circus
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    12. :XD:congratulation, i only have bebe & enfant line:whee:
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    13. bump :bump!!! we need more chica bebesss