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Chica Bonita (Honey body 12 yrs)

Jul 6, 2016

    1. Chica Bonita has recently released a large doll that is supposed to represent a pre-teen at 12 yrs old, they stand at 54.8 cm and have two body styles with both a larger bust and a smaller bust size.


      The body style seems like it has slightly smaller waist and shoulders and shorter arms than a typical SD13 girl body style, her measurements are a bit unusual and the faces are more childlike and can fit either their "enfant" sized dolls or their new "honey" sized dolls.
      I made this thread hoping there are other Chica Bonita "Chicabi" fans out there that would enjoy discussing this doll. I ended up falling in love with Ginger Yuri late last year when I saw her on their facebook feed and placed an order for her when she became available in June. I am very excited to meet Yuri soon and share photos with everyone!
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    2. @faireva she is so adorable! I love her little bow lips :D
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    3. @Miri - I'm so glad you appreciate her adorable features! Thank you for your sweet comment, I'm very pleased with her overall. :blush I'm really hoping that more people enjoy the dolls from this company, so that I can have some company in this thread. :-)
    4. I am thinking about getting Yuri. How long was shipping and does she pose well.
    5. @lillievon - Good choice! Yuri is so beautiful. She took 3 months & a week to get to me and her posing is pretty basic. She has single joint knees and elbows as well as a solid torso, she can stand on her own and holds simple poses well.
    6. Thanks!
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    7. There is a new sculpt from Chica Bonita that is available on the Honey body (as well as Enfant body) and she is super cute! Her name is Kitty and she can be seen here, I really love her tiny teeth showing in her gentle smile. <3
    8. I hosted a Holiday doll meet recently and had the pleasure of photographing my friend's Chicabi girls with mine. Her dolls are Kanaria (left) on the enfant size body, and Karen (middle) on a Chicobricks body. My Yuri, who is showing off some leg on right, is on the SD size Honey body. My friend joked that Karen looks like the mischievious middle sister photobombing the other two, hehe.

      They make a cute group of Sisters, no? :-)

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    9. They make beautiful sisters. I'm hoping to have or order a beautiful girl from them by May.
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    10. @lillievon - Awesome! :-) Which girl are you thinking of getting? I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!
    11. Does anyone know when they will be opening for orders again? And do Yuri and Karen have teeth?
    12. @bajib - I can confirm that Karen & Yuri sculpts do indeed have teeth; however, they are very difficult to see unless taking a photo from below at an upward angle. Yuri's teeth seem a bit more difficult to see than Karen's due to her slightly bigger, more pouty, lips. The bottom face photo on this page illustrates how discreet the teeth are, even on Karen sculpt.

      I've noticed the faceup changes the teeth visibility as well, the standard faceup for Yuri does not accentuate the teeth as much as the limited 'Docshul' faceup that was available last August.

      As for the future releases, I don't have this information, but if you subscribe to their Facebook or Twitter page they should give you a head's up. Also, you can try contacting them directly if you are interested in a particular sculpt, they may let you order it, since they are a smaller company I don't think they are as rigid with their release dates.

      Hope this helps! :-)
    13. Thank you so much for all your help! I discovered them through an available secondary Karen that I thought was the perfect young SD but since she needed faceup, checked out the company and could not figure out how their ordering system worked. And I am so glad the teeth are so discreet. Thanks again for your help --- I am glad that I managed to discover them!
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    14. Does anyone know if an Alice in Labyrinth 1/3 head would fit on this body? An Alice in Labyrinth 1/3 doll is also childlike.
    15. Hi i recently discovered this dolls and fell in love with the Yuri Sculpt, the ginger color looks so lovely and it was a surprise to see that there is not a lot of pictures of this dolls around, I asked on the Chica Bi mail if there was a plan to produce again the ginger body and they said maybe in october! so i'm excited and hoping they will as they look very lovely.

      i wanted to ask you if dollfie dream clothes and shoes fit the honey body? Thanks in advance :)
    16. @Misaki84 - I don't have any DD clothes so I'm not sure, but she does fit in SD13 pretty well. This goes for shoes as well. :-)
      Glad you can get your Yuri soon in ginger skin!
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