Chicabi Enfant Discussion

Jan 31, 2020

    1. I haven't bought one yet but I might buy one in the future. I really like the childlike bodies and my favourite sculpt is Twinkle Twinkle. What is your favourite sculpt? What do you think of the quality of these dolls and the accessories Chicabi sells for them? What other clothing brands fit Chicabi enfants? Have you ever made a hybrid using another company's body?
      Enfant - Doll
    2. I am thinking to buy Chicabi Bora(bebe line).
      About the resin quality, I don't really bother bcuz I saw some of videos about Chicabi dolls on youtube, as well as checking out BJD owners' IG account that own Chicabi dolls. The resin quality seems good to me.

      Chicabi Enfant height is 40cm, which is 1/4 scale, or MSD.

      Some doll brands do have clothes as well: TTY, Leekeworld, Luts, Little Monica, etc... or Taobao
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    3. I love Chicabi dolls, and you don't really see them in the Western community, I would love to see more pictures. Thank you for making a thread. Twinkle Twinkie is one of my favourites, she reminds me of the Volks discontinued F07. I hope you decide to get her!!
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    4. Ah I wish there were more Chicabi in North America. I just got my first yosd Bebe Latte Minette and she's just so charming. The resin is lovely and she poses really well despite being single jointed. I'm already wanting another in Ginger resin and probably another in 30cm option.
    5. I'm surprised this thread is so dead! These girls are so cute! I just found them rather recently and they seem like they have a pretty good presence in Korea since their cafe/shop is so full and cute. I'd go nuts if I got to go in there!

      My favorite so far is enfant kitty but gosh, all of them are so cute. I would have guessed there'd be a lot more chicabi girls out there but maybe they're just perfectly up my (our!) alley and not the average English speaking doll collector.
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    6. Not technically enfant, but I really kinda want Melody, who is a mini (41cm) doll. I think she's pretty new? Only visible on the Korean site, not on the English one. Maybe once the holidays are over I'll email them.
      It's totally impossible to find anything about this brand overseas, I'm not even sure if I could order this doll.