ReRelease Child Choice

Dec 16, 2019

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      The Childs finally come back; Malicie, Sun, Nymphette, Nympheline and Moonki will be available with a choice of fair, real tan and Milk choco skin
      From December 23 to January 6, they will come with a pair of eyes and I offer to take care of their makeup myself so that it is done according to your wishes :)
      (with possible additions of freckles or motives).

      You can easily dress them in Lati-Yellow size (shoes, outfit and wig), the joints are double at the knees and elbows

      * Please note they will not return in 2020 so do not hesitate to choose a payment spread over 6 months !
      * You can now register on the waiting list to receive an email as soon as they are posted HERE .

      Happy holidays to everyone

      K6 / Nympheas dolls

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