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Child sized dolls?

Oct 29, 2011

    1. I couldn't this anywhere so I decided to ask. If this is a repeat, please delete.

      So anyway, I've been wanting a child-sized doll ever since I saw the dollmore lusion(http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=7080), but I don't care much for the face sculpt of Lusions. Not that I hate them, they're just not my cup of tea.

      So my question is, are there other child sized dolls other than the Lusion? My last resort would probably end up having to either mod the lusion, or make my own. Neither of which I am very confident in doing.:|
    2. Currently, the Lusion is the only ABJD which could pass for a "child" or could be considered truly "child-sized". The topicness of the doll was a difficult decision - at first she was off-topic and then was revisited and voted on-topic. The doll has been out for a while now and there has been no movement from other companies to create a similarly proportioned/sized doll.
    3. Are you wanting realistic child proportions or just a big doll? I've had people mistake my 70cm for a kid at first, depending on how I carry and dress him etc. If he has realistic eyes in him babies try to interact with him. One time there was a little girl who wasn't sure if he was real or not.
    4. I have heard that Dollmore is planning to make an older sister doll for Lusion that will be 120cm. This really will be a child size doll and it will be interesting to see how she turns out.
    5. I saw an OT BJD that was child size once on some website..it was a limited edition thing.
    6. I think there was a custom order once for a doll head that would fit on the Dollmore Lusion body, so perhaps you could start another one?
    7. There's several non-bjd and non-DoA-on-topic dolls that are child size as well, if you're not picky about it being something that could be posted here. My grandmother owns several, and they can be very cute and have a big range of sculpts. If you really want it to be on topic, maybe go with Anthrogirl's suggestion and find a company that would sculpt and cast a custom head for a Lusion. Lusion isn't 100% true-to-life in scale though, she's roughly the size of a toddler but looks more elementary school age (not that I don't adore her! she's my 'grail doll')
    8. There are also AoD's 90 cm boys, who are sculpted as adults but do happen to be the height of a small child, and can wear some clothes meant for real children, like shoes.

      CraftyTeo, if I were you I'd get the Lusion and have a good customizer mod the head for you.
    9. Something about a child-sized, child-proportioned doll in see-through panties seems a little...um...illegal.
    10. I love the idea of large dolls, but I don't think I could ever buy one.... I know Bobobie has a couple of 68-70cm dolls that are around $200. But aside from the one you showed, these are the largest I have seen.
    11. Sometimes I feel like I want one but it always seems to be when I feel like having real kids of my own (which are rare and tend to be after I watch something like juno). Then I realize that i don't want kids and i will probably get this doll when i have my own place.