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Children handling your dolls?

Jan 17, 2007

    1. Last night I went over to my aunt's home where my other aunts, uncles, grandma and numerous cousins were. I wanted to take Zoe with me, so I did so.

      Now, my cousins are from between the ages of 2-10. And I let them touch, hold, feel, pose and change my little girl's clothes because I trust them and told them to be very, very careful. You'll be surprised how careful children can be. :) My 4 year old cousin was hugging her and wouldn't let anyone else touch her. XD

      My cousins were in much more awe over her and said how pretty and cute she was than the adults who made faces and said stuff like "you're too old to have a doll" "she looks weird" etc etc...

      Anyways... I'm curious if anyone has ever let children, either little brothers or sisters or cousins or even strangers kids, handle your dolls?

    2. I've never done so, but then again, I'm not around children that I know, ever. If I was, I don't think I'd let them handle any of my dolls, because if something were to happen, what would be done? Plus my dolls are an arm load being mostly SD13 boys. Which actually brings up another thing, if I were to let young children dress one of my boys, would it upset the parent(s) because he is anatomically correct? I guess it would all come down to how close I was to the parents and the children in question. Finally, my dolls aren't play things, I don't even let adults redress them, thats my role:daisy

    3. My 4 year old neice gets to hold my dolls all the time, she's very responsible and knows how important they are to me. I've got allot of 'nice' things in my room and if I say "don't touch anything" she wont, she really likes watching me re-do their face-ups or sand their features and such, she's the best kid I know to be good and not destroy the things you give her. I'm actually thinking of getting her her own dollfie, since she likes them so much and I know she'll treat it with respect and love :)
    4. Luckly, There aren't some children ^____^ Only my little sister, but, she doesn't like bjd. I don't know how i could act if children come home and they took my babes @___@ I could die, really
    5. Well, I had two of my dolls with me on display at the Japanese New Year's festival, and out of all the kids that approached them, I only told one that she couldn't handle the dolls because they were expensive. And that was because she came charging at them with food-covered hands and face.

      There were a couple of other kids, being minded by their parents, who touched their clothes and wigs, and then I didn't mind because the kids were clean and the parent was right there watching over them.

      So I'm of the 'depends on the kid' camp rather than the definite yes or the definite no camp. Clean kids being minded by their parents in a respectful manner, yes. Dirty kids or loud kids without a parent, no. Especially not the rambunctious type who are likely to throw the doll around or use it as a weapon to fight a sibling.
    6. Well... my youngest niece is 3 and she is a spoiled brat. I don't let her go anywhere near my dolls, the first time she saw them she grabbed and pulled my U's leg as he was sitting, the poor boy about fell to the tiled floor. Luckily I caught him, and well, after that she's not allowed to even touch them -_-

      My other nieces ADORE my dolls! One just stared at them and didn't dare to do more than touching their heads. But the other one was deliriously happy when I let her hug Jenova. She was really careful, and anyway, as Jenova is a Delf Lishe she's very heavy so she had to sit with the doll in her lap to see her, hug her and change her shoes ^^

      I don't know about other children other than my nephews and nieces though. ^^;;;
    7. Most kids can't control themselves, so they can't control dolls XD
      I never let children to touch my toys and dolls. I don't say that kids are all the same way: my sister and I were so polite with toys and dolls, specially if they were from other persons. Children I know... they are so nervous...
    8. My three year old daughter holds my dolls, supervised, all the time and she is very respectful. However I think supervised is the key word here. In fact, I would rather give one of them to her to hold then some non-dolfie adults who seem to love to stick thier fingers in faceups, like first thing they do.
    9. I don't think I would let anyone else change my boy's clothes, since it's a hassle sometimes even for me to get things on and off him, but as far as letting kids hold him, it really depends on the kid. I'm around lots of kids considering my house is somewhat of a daycare center. I have the same reasoning in deciding that as I would with an adult. It's easy enough to quickly see a person and predict how they would treat it. Of course, I've always been one to just grab a doll by one hand around the waist and plop it into the arms of someone else. My only real concern is him falling. Even I'm probably too rough with my own doll. I do treat him as a plaything, but a very fond plaything.
    10. I have some cousins(of who I think none of them are even 10 yet) who would be the death of Grendel if I let them handle him. They break everything! Especially the oldest one! He would completely destroy Grendel in a blink of an eye, and because of his influence on the younger ones, Grendel would last mabey a little longer with them. They arent even allowed to see him because of their "grab and destroy" reflex for whenever they see something they like.
    11. I brought Umeko to my friend's house last week and boy was it funny. Her wildly loud and grabby little sister (4 or 5?) kept staring at her like she wanted to pick her up. then she would stare at me waiting to hear "Ok you can touch her" but I wouldn't let her. She is the type of kid that, when given permission, would grab Umeko by the arm and run off with her.

      The older brother on the other hand (I still see him as a kid even though he is 25) he thought she was creepy. So when he went into the living room to study I put her facing him on the sofa and left the room. 10min later i hear "YOUR CREEPY DOLL I STARING AT ME!" it was funny.
    12. Untill now no little kid has ever touched my doll, that's also because I never see little childeren xD
      Perhaps I scare them off? xD
    13. It depends on the child...

      I'd let my nine-year-old god-daughter or Nezumitoo's twelve-year-old chibi handle any of my dolls without any worries at all. They're both doll-owners themselves, and know how to carry and pose them. But even before she had Haku (MNF Shiwoo-), I let Ne handle my dolls... She's never been careless with one of them.

      There are other children, though, that I wouldn't let anywhere near the guys. Supervised or not. :sweat
    14. I do let my six year old son handle the dolls with supervision. He was completely enchanted with pictures put up by DoA members (I'm sorry, middle age has ransacked my memory, I can't remember the names) who turned their dolls into Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann with costuming. So, of course, we had to make our own trio. He supplied the swords from his Pirates action figures. They were out of scale, but he had such a look of pride when he placed the swords in their cummerbands. He kept checking that the "pirates" were on display and properly attired for months until his attention was diverted to race cars because we got the "Talladega" dvd.

      When my Elf Ir-a arrived he was excited by her sword and wanted to handle it. Even though he ended up breaking it, I don't look at it as a mistake to let him play with it. I went to refuse him at first, but his eyes welled up and he looked so hurt. It wasn't a bratty "give me what I want," but more this resignation to being "shut out" of something meaningful to mom. When I saw what it meant to him, I relented and let him handle it with frequent admonitions to play gently. He did great for hours, but, being a little boy, got carried away with his imagination and at one point slammed the sword on the floor, whereupon, the blade snapped in two. I had the momentary reflex, "No! This is why I didn't want you to play with it!" Poor guy looked so ashamed, and he hugged me and buried his tearful face into my belly. I ended up reassuring him that it was okay. "You are more important to me than the swords or my dolls." Seeing the exuberance on his face as he played with the sword, the enchantment and questions he asked as he examined it, the knowledge that he was included, exceeds the value of a million swords.
    15. Sorry. No. Never. Perhaps if you stepped over my dead body...

      Alright, it might be an overreaction. But I know so many little kids and I wouldn't put a doll within five feet of them. Cleanliness is not always their number one priority and even the sweetest children I know have the insatiable curiosity to just poke at the eyes or yank at the wigs. Even after you tell them not to, they just have to try it once.

      Edit: I am, of course, speaking of kids I know. ^_^; I'm not speaking about all the kids in the world...
    16. I've let my kids handle my dolls even as far as dressing and playing with them. My kids are great with my little wishel.

      I think doll size is a good thing to consider. My Sd sized girl is a bit too heavy for them they are more enamored with the tiny and msd sized ones.

      The problem is usually with dolls whose headcaps or wigs can come off. Also off topic but keep pullip's away from little ones. My daughter really was careful with her but as accidents tdo happen she accidentally dropped a her and her neck broke.

      My little wishel's headcap used to pop off all the time but nothing major happened. So my kids took to playing with her minus the headcap.

      tinybear suggested a bit of glue and now all is well with that.

      My kids are five and eight. A good rule of thumb though is allowing handling with supervision
    17. Most of the kids in my family (barring some of the distantly related ones ><") are very good kids. They respect other peoples belongings and they know that I love my dolls very much so they are amazing careful with them :)

      They like to pose them and change their hair and eyes and my youngest sister thinks it's a hoot to cross-dress them xD I usually only carry one at a time with me so it's easier to keep an eye on them and their MSD which makes them easier to play with^^

      But like Brightfires said there are some kids I wouldn't let near my dolls!
    18. The only little kids who've even seen Connor are friends of our family. They're usually pretty good with things if you tell them they have to be careful. I wasn't worried at all to let them touch and cuddle Connor, I actually let them help me unstring him as they were curious.
    19. I think that's a difficult topic because it depends on the nature of the kids! I haven't got my doll(s) yet but I know for a fact I wouldn't let my sister's kids go near them because they're only a few colourful bars away from belonging in a zoo. My brother's kids are another story - I'd trust them. But with my sister's two, there's too much felt tip leakage, tantrums, chocolate and heavy-handedness. Unless I want to give myself a heartattack, I think I'll be keeping any BJDs out of sight of the animals lol
    20. No, not usually. I've seen how my 5 neices and nephews treat their possesions (and dolls) and no way would I let them handle one of my bjds, or even my vinyls! I've let friends' kids hold them, but only a very few whom I know will treat them very gently. My general rule is no way. And since I don't have kids, I don't have to worry on a regular basis. Only when we have parties and dinners. I usually lock the doll room so that if there is a request to see them, I can supervise.
      Pam (in Va./D.C.)