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*Chinese Spring Festival Event* of Demon Garden Dolls(January,25th—February,9th)

Jan 22, 2009

    1. *Chinese Spring Festival Event* of Demon Garden Dolls

      :daisyIf you one-time purchase 2 bodies,the second body will be get 15%OFF(only 165USD)!
      The Total Price(For example U.S.):
      195USD(the first body)+165USD(the second body)+84USD(the shipment of 2 bodies)=444USD

      :daisyIf you one-time purchase 2 whole dolls,all FREE SHIPPING and the second doll will get 20%OFF(only 240USD)!
      The Total Price:
      300USD(the first doll)+240USD(the second doll)=540USD

      :daisyIf you one-time purchase 1 whole doll & 1 body,all FREE SHIPPING!
      The Total Price:
      300USD(the whole doll)+195USD(the body)=495USD

      chick here More information and pictures


      About DG DOLLS
      Height: 61 cm
      Height(without head): 55 cm
      Circumference of neck:10 cm
      Shoulder width:13 cm
      Length of arm:18 cm
      Bust:25 cm
      Waist:20 cm
      Length of leg:31cm
      Circumference of thigh:15.5 cm
      Circumference of calf:13 cm
      Length of foot:7.5 cm
    2. Be sure to see the thread in the marketplace Q&A,
      "Problems with Demon Garden"

      Buyer beware.
    3. OK~Thanks for you told me these.I will abide the rules.