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Choosing dolls vs choosing doll makers?

Jan 15, 2007

    1. When you are on the lookout for a new doll do you try to get a doll from the same company as your other dolls or do you try to buy them from different doll makers so that all of them look as different as possible?

      It makes sense that some people like a certain "look" and try to keep it for their bjds, personaly I would prefer to have dolls that are very different from each other... but that still "match" each other somehow.

      Are you loyal to a certain doll maker? If so, why?
    2. Sure, I love the bodies and the face styles. My partner on the other hand, has a collection that is more varied by brand, but he still tends to favor some over others for future dolls.

    3. hmm, well the only molds i really like are the cp and dod molds, and volks mika, and the yo's. Like, if you ask me about customhouse or dollmore dolls, i would go, huh? But i always try to go and search when looking for future dolls though, i like latidoll also. ^_^
    4. Well... I confess that I only like a few sculpts too, but some molds from the same company just look too much alike, or they look like they're family, which is sometimes the actual point I guess :lol: But I wouldn't like that sort of similarity for my dolls...
    5. I'm loyal to all of the different doll makers I buy from, its just that one company doesn't always have the personalities in the face-molds that i'm going for.
    6. I have 5 dolls from 4 different dollmakers. The manufacturing company doesn't matter as much as the face. I must to admit to having favorite dollmakers though. Luts/CP, DOD, Narin, Lati, Volks - they are my favorites.

      I like dolls from other companies too. I don't go for a particular style, but when I fall in love with a specific head sculpt I put that doll on my list.
    7. I don't try to purposely get same looking dolls, or different looking dolls, or try to stay loyal to any brand. It's just about how I feel when I look at the doll's face - if I like it or not - that's it. Doesn't matter who made it :).

      But, I do think it is interesting to see "family pics" and stuff like that, from owners who do purposely try and get similar looking dolls ^^. Twins are cool too (but my wallet couldn't take it xD;!)
    8. for me it is very much based on the sculpt and on the face and whether or not the doll 'speaks' to me in a creative or inspiring manner. which is probably why i have yet to have two dolls from the same company on my wishlist or at home. i'm sure it will happen eventually, it just hasn't yet.
    9. Personally, I base my purchases upon the sculpts that I fall for. Yes, I'll admit, if you gander at my wishlist, it will certainly look biased, but it may be because some companies' dolls are just too alluring. This however does not change the fact that I am happy to look for varieties, since I can only look for those who really strike me.
    10. I've got CPs, Souldolls, a DoD, a DZ, some Sooms... I just select the sculpts I like.
    11. I keep an open mind when shopping for future dolls and do try to look at as many companies' offerings as I can. My Jun will probably be one of the 2 DZ boys since I'm not that fond of most of their other sculpts to buy them. Saving up for an El as I type. :) So like most others, I also go for the sculpts that catch my eye and heart.
    12. I'm not particularly loyal to any doll maker, although my collection is very small. Perhaps when I am able to acquire more dolls I might find preference, but for now I just focus on finding a really attractive head mold.
    13. All my dolls are from one maker because this one maker simply has my number when it comes to what appeals to me in a doll. Other makers have wonderful dolls, but they just don't grab me like the ones I have.

      But I'm glad they grab others so I get to see them at meet ups :).

    14. I try my best to not get two dolls from the same company. I'm really intrested in having a varied collection. Also, having many different types of bodies, and skin colours. Since I know myself I will customize my doll untill I get the result I like.

      I don't know if I'll buy two dolls from the same company. Maybe Dolkot since I love the Kiss and their Ryu :D
    15. For me it's the sculpt, the doll has to really get my attention. Most of all my girls are all from different sources with the exception of Heather and Amanda, both being CP. Typically though I do keep my eyes out for anything new being released by a artist I already have purchased from. But I also try and keep a watch out for any other artist's new creations that may appeal to me. :)
    16. When I first ventured into ABJDs (not that I have that many dolls to make a collection tho), Volks has been my top preference as I have seen them in person before buying and have confidence in what I'd be getting. However, thanks ever so much to DoA and the feedbacks on the forum, I've been able to review other artists' sculpts and companies before I decide.

      I would say the sculpts first, then the quality and the company. All three are equally important to me. And, not having enough space can be an advantage as it'll block me from impulsive buys.
    17. I have a really diverse doll-family, with a number of hybrids as well as dolls from different companies. My one big thing is that I like their head sizes to be compatible -- I wouldn't want to buy dolls who I couldn't pose next to each other because their head-sizes were too different. I have some dolls that are more stylized and others that are more realistic, though, and that doesn't bother me.

      To me, it all boils down to . . . buy the dolls you love! ^_^

      -- A <3
    18. I myself own two Volks dolls, and I'll be the first to admit that I am, perhaps, a little biased towards them. 'Course, this doesn't mean that I'm completely opposed to other companies!!! Really, when it comes down to it, I look at the face sculpt. That's what matter the most to me. Not necessarily who made them.
    19. For me, when I've been looking for dolls, it's the right looks for what I have in mind. Doll makers don't matter to me but I have been sticking to a few makers, it seems.
      I start off with a character, then look for just the right doll for his or hers looks.
    20. I buy a lot of dolls because their looks match what I have in mind for a character, and some I purchase because they're pretty : ) While there are a few companies I'm particularly fond of, I like having variety. When I started buying dolls to match story characters, it encouraged me to look at face sculpts that I wouldn't have looked at before.