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Choseol from " Doll in Mind "(Edited)

Jul 12, 2005

    1. Sorry I thought some one wants to ask qustions about art-tong.com
      That's why I edited this article. E-mail is down here.

      Height : 30 cm
      Made by : Doll in Mind company.
      Launching in Mid August
      Doll in Mind company is the dolls mady by art-tong.
      International site will be opend in Mid August.
      Any questions, ask to nescot@paran.com

      Good day~~~

      SD type dolls will be starting in Later September

    2. Who else is reminded of Mars' little (bigger?) sister? :lol:

      She's adorable!
    3. She is very cute!!! I love her little pout, erm...but am I the only one whoe thinks her eyes are a littel too red?? I'd say she looks like she's been crying, but, please don't take this the wrong way, she looks like she has pink-eye.......but she is a cute little thing!!!
    4. never mind.....

    5. Aww, I think she looks more like a cross between Belladonna and a Four sisters girl!
    6. With that uber turned down mouth, i'd say Rameil
    7. Wow, what's up with the hatin'? :P

      I think she's adorable. And besides, nowadays, what doll doesn't bear a resemblance to another in some way? Yder looks like Luts tossed all their dolls into a blender and pulled him out.
    8. I think Choseol is very cute. (^^v
      What's the company's website URL?
    9. :( I'm not hatin', I think she's very cute!!
      I just want to take the little thing to the doctor and get her some drops for her little eyes, but I think she is very adorable!!!
    10. currently web site is art-tong.com
      This site is more like "Instruction site for who learns making BJD" by Littleami.
      recently She is working on new Head too I guess.

      I expect international site is opening in mid August

      good day~
    11. I'm not a fan of the mouth, I would rather it closed. I like mouths slightly open, but the way Syo's is. I wouldn't like to own her, but she's cute and I wouldn't mind seeing pictures of her.
    12. Please let Littleami know that a lot of us here are admiring her work!!

      I especially love the cat ;)

      -- Andi <3
    13. WOOOW! The horse-man with the closed eye in the gallery is AMAZING. *loves* Is he by the same artist?

      My husband freaked out when he saw it. "You're NOT getting that! That's NOT coming into my house! You MAY NOT get that. I could NOT sleep in the house with that."

      I reassured him it was a OOAK and unhaveable. He's calmed considerably now.

      I sort of like the little horse guy, though. He looks like he needs a hug, and a healing spell.

    14. Closed mouth with Half closed eyes one is also mostly finished. I saw some photos.
    15. HI, I will tell her about it ^^ She will be very happy.
    16. she's got such an inoocent look
    17. Whoo! I can't wait to see it! :D

      So you know her? Tell her she's very talented! :D She should register so we can tell her directly! :chibi
    18. ^^* Yes I know her. I'll tell her ^^. I think She does not speak English :grin:
      Good day~