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Christmas Cuties! New Luts Kid Delf Buzzi & Litchi Discussion!

Nov 26, 2007

    1. Will be released on 1st of December, 12:00. (Korean Standard time) :D

      News Thread

      I'm very sure I'm getting Buzzi ^_^ and for once I actually *adore* his default faceup! Litchi would make a cute boy me thinks. What does everyone think?


    2. Goodness they're so sweet!
      Who's who?
    3. There fixed my post and named them, lol. I can see Buzzi'd make a cute girl too! :)

      Is it me or does Buzzi remind me of Woori?
    4. :sigh
      Personly I miss the older style of CP sculpts. I am begining to wonder if they have a new group of people making them.
    5. Litchi looks very cute!!! >****<
    6. I like them a lot! And I think Buzzi would make a very spunky girl! Too bad that they don't sell any new Kid Delf heads as parts (not Cherry, Bory, or Mill, nor likely these new ones), nor the realskin bodies, so you pretty much have to settle for Luts' physical gender choices,

      Someday I hope to see various member combinations - both sexes of each of the new ones. I would love to see Bory and Buzzi as girls with an attitude, but I also think Buzzi and Litchi are adorable as is!

      They put really big dark eyes in them for those photos. I would use different eyes.

    7. wow litchi is adorable!!

      shes deffinitely next on my list.. i was getting kid delf but i couldnt decide... but now that ive seen her, shes deffinitely it
    8. Well the best part is I guess you can always trade bodies with someone else. I'm thinking of getting Litchi as well and trading the body for a kid boy body. I'm sure someone out there would want a kid girl body. I agree though, I wish sold the heads and bodies separately. :sweat

      Ugh I know, they have such nice big eyes, some vibrant, bright eyes would work better. Maybe an emerald green or radiant orange or red...

      I'm thinking of making Buzzi my charrie Ninevah "Nine" for short. Before Bory was going to be him, but not sure now. Or he'd make a cute little vamp boy, with some deep red eyes. So many possibilities, I really can't wait to see more pictures of him! ^^ That's the first time I ever fell in love "at first sight" with a doll! :D
    9. To me, Buzzi's mold seems very similar to Bory's. It's hard to tell from the small Buzzi picture, but Buzzi's mouth may be different. Their faceup styles are obviously different.


      Litchi doesn't remind me of any previous Kid Delf.

      BTW - Luts Christmas Special offers at various price points free random wig, or shoes, or shoes plus entry to win(?) a Senior Delf? To get the Christmas bonus you have to buy a doll(s) from specific size groups (including Kid Delf) plus items to reach the total:

    10. I like Buzzi looks more like Aru mixed with Woori then Bory.

      And Litchi is very realistic looking compared to all the other KDs!
    11. Ooooh, Litchi is very, very, very cute! However, from what pictures that we have now, I'm still not budging from my first personal choice of KD: Hodoo. I guess I'll have to see more pictures of these kids before I can really get a better idea. (After seeing what happened with Anhel Dion, well... yeah...)
    12. I cannot WAIT to see the bigger pictures of Buzzi...and to me he looks like a sweeter brother to the somewhat grumpy Bory. I am assuming he will be regular line, and not a special...

      His faceup is so gorgeous too. I am liking the lighter touch to it.
    13. True, Buzzi truly looks like a younger Cian, too, doesn't he? Bory's too pissy-looking! But Buzzi has a lovely look to him. Nice and calm.

      Litchi is very calm and natural. She just might replace Paran in terms of which mold should be Emily (my planned someday-in-the-future second doll)...! But, for now, I need to see more pictures. :3
    14. Ahhhh! New Kid Delfs. *_*
    15. Litchi has very natural features. She's adorable. :)
    16. i absolutely LOVE Litchi!!!! i didnt have any plans for any smaller sized girls, but i really think she's gonna change my mind XD *pinches her cheeks*
    17. she has a much more 'real' look...i dont know. maybe with differant face up she could look better but i do prefer the old sculpts ; ; she is still pretty but from teaser pic looks like she's not for me
    18. I'm just glad that one of the new KD's looks more akin to Bory. It was putting me in a bit of a bind when I was trying to conceptualized a "twin" that wasn't the same mold out of the older Kid Delf sculpts.

      There has been a definate refinement to the facial sculpt, allowing for more realism. It may be a good thing to see these go for sale separate from the older KD sculpts...

      Oh...my poor wallet.
    19. Buzzi isn't quite doing it for me, but he's not too bad, i think.

      Litchi....oi, they need better eyes for her! The default eyes make her look a bit...soulsucking? Like she's got no eyewhites. But i think thats the eyesize fault, not Luts choice's fault. >>; However, photoshop does wonders and now i'm in love i think ^^; The only thing that bugs me is her mouth, because it looks too long for her face, but that can probably be remedied with a different faceup.
    20. These two are adorable. Since I've never ordered from Luts before, do their basic dolls come with wig and eyes, or just the head and body?