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Chrysella's feedback

Mar 20, 2012

    1. Hi there,
      I hope you'll post your feedback here if you've had a transaction with me.
      I am Chrysella on DoA
      I am also LaBellaDoll on Etsy
      Thanks, Marcia
    2. Chrysella purchased a Luts Moon from me. It was a smooth transaction all around, and Chrysella is super sweet and just a delight to work with. I would gladly recommend her to anyone.
    3. chrysella purchased a dollzone/dollmore renata hybrid from me and was very pleasant to deal with ^^ a great transaction ^^
    4. Chrysella purchased a pair of LUTS MSD shoes from me. She was quick to pay and was very pleasant to deal with. She is amazing to work with and is super sweet. I would highly recommend her to anyone. :)
    5. Chrysella bought a pair of MSD boots from me. She paid promptly and was great to deal with overall! Wonderful buyer.
    6. Chrysella bought doll shoes from me and it was an excellent transaction- fast payment and great communicaton :)