Preorder Ciclop Mizuki Grey on september.... and

Aug 22, 2017

    1. ☆☆☆ :apresent: Hi hi hi cute pai :apresent:☆☆☆
      ciclop Mizuki - grey
      Happy to report that September 2 will open pre-orders on grey Cyclops. on 3 pm in Paris time .
      Also in the sale of plush. hoods .dresses and wigs


      Preorder Period
      from 2 september - 2017

      Price: 250USD





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    2. She's pretty ^^ I just discover this doll, what is her size ? Tiny doll ?
    3. These cyclops are on my wishlist I absolutely LOVE them!!! :D is the violet one sold out? On the website I see it's sold out but I think there is a glitch cause it says I can buy her for 250$? <3
    4. thank you sweety ^^ - Hight 16 cm)
      and if you go on site you can see more ciclops - in mint colour - violette color and peah color ^^
    5. Thank you sweetheart. <3
      No they are not sold they are now in stock here is the link:D
      Cyclops Mizuki violet - Online shop "Villi Tunes Doll"
    6. I saw they come with a random eye, do they also come with a wig? I ask because I thought the wig in the chocolate mousse Doll is adorable and I didn't see It in the wig menu.

      *I got blindsided by the adorableness*