Sales Promotion Circus Kane Summer Sale !

Aug 22, 2018

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      3... 2... 1.... SUMMER SALE IS OPEN !

      Let's celebrate as every year the end of the heatwave and the fresh air coming back to our lives ! So as usual, here is the Circus Kane Summer Sale !

      I think I've given all the details in the listing of the sale, so please read carefully ^^
      Here : Summer Sale 2018

      As usual, if any question : drop me a line !

      Every doll listed is ready to ship and has a discount of course :

      For full payment purchase, the discount on each doll is 20% off.
      For layaway payment purchase, the discount is 15% off, simply to cover the Paypal fees so I can make a living from the sales ;)

      And this year you can get a face up with your doll if you allow me a few days of patience in order for me to paint them ^^
      Of course, each doll comes with a free pair of eyes and the Circus Kane bag.

      I love you my people <3
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