Preorder (CircusKane Dolls) Cerise's Preorder is open ! (until August 15th)

Aug 2, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      A new preorder has just Open ! This is Cerise the baby Cherry's one !
      Cerise is a special girl jointed in a Kewpie style, she's 22cm tall and her fewer joints make her price VERY special : 185$ !
      Cerise is the first girl of my new Chubbies line :)

      All the details are in her listing on the website. There is special price for triplet Cerise too !
      Of course Layaways are available as usual ^^

      She's available in these three colors : Mint, Bubblegum Pink and Lavender Berry.




      There are many more pictures of her in different colors so click to check the gallery :)

      Cerise the baby cherry!

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    2. Please note that these dolls are not on-topic for this forum, due to insufficient required jointing. This thread is being locked.