Event (CircusKane Dolls) In stock dolls with free international shipping !!!

Sep 23, 2017

    1. Hello sweet friends !

      God knows it took time.... But here we go !
      I finally cleaned up the website sections and updated all the In Stock listings ! Pheeew...
      Honestly, it's been hell. LOL !
      But now, all the in stock dolls are listed in the the in stock section (which makes a lot of sense...) and available for adoption :)


      Then, in order to celebrate the Great Kane Website Cleaning (I can be so bombastic when it comes to housework..), I decided to offer for every doll Free International Shipping ! Yay !

      These dolls are just a very few of each... You can find here Onion, Mister Oh, Vali, Cerise... And more !
      They all are listed with free shipping, no matter what your location is !


      They will remain listed until they all sell out for it's the last chance to get them. They won't be reproduced again. So if you wish one, be quick to not miss her and if you need a layaway, email me so we can secure your little resin darling ;)

      Here it is : BJD IN STOCK - CK-Dolls

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