Preorder (CircusKane dolls) Jo and Zephina, sisters at heart (until September 20th)

Sep 13, 2019

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      I am very very pleased to introduce my new girls, Jo and Zephina, the sisters at heart !

      Jo is the younger one, she is on the original Mystery YOSD-sized body, she is 30cm tall. Zephina is the elder, she is on the original Moon body and she is 35cm tall.
      They take as wig a size 8 and 16m eyes.
      They are available in Warm Sand and Powder Flesh !

      Jo or Zephina are 550$; but a combo sister is 995$ instead of 1100$ !

      You can see how versatile and soulful they are in their gallery on the website <3, here : Jo and Zephina, sisters at heart.

      Please, note that the tan fullsets shown in their gallery is already sold ; but I still have available the powder flesh Kawaii funny fullsets combo available ! Email if you are interested in these two fullsets sisters :)

      The preorder will be open until September 20th !
      Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any question ^^
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