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Clarissaholic's Feedback Thread

Jul 24, 2010

    1. nothing for now..hope for many good feedbacks later on..;)
    2. I believe it is appropriate for me to leave flakey feedback. In this situation, I am the seller.

      Clarissaholic PMed me on 2-25-14:

      "Volks Rose Head
      Hello, I'm interested in buying your Rose head. However, you need to know that this will be my first time buying anything from any international buyer, and thus I don't have any feedback yet, let me know if this bothers you.

      I live in Indonesia. And can I pay for your Rose with two months layaway?

      Thank you so much.



      To which I replied:

      "Hey! This is fine by me. I actually purchased her from an International seller and the transaction was smooth

      Yes, a two month layaway is fine by me. I don't have any time constraints and because of that I make a trade off to have the payments be non refundable.

      Also, I would like to address this in case it was missed in the thread, but Rose has a chip in the blushing on the underside of the chin. I will gladly take photos for you .

      Thank you!

      At this point, she agreed to the sale by stating:

      "Yes, this is great. Yes, a photo will be fine
      And how much is the total price with the shipping fee? I can make the first payment today if you want.

      Thank you!"

      Clarissaholic: "I'm taking the priority mail international then. I'll pay half of the price today, 156$?
      Oh and whether or not it's insured, I will have to ask some bjd collectors here who live in Indonesia if they have to pay how much custom fee. I will tell you later, it's okay right?"

      Clarissaholic: "Give me 24 hours, please? I will let you know again when I finally succeed making the payment. Paypal in Indonesia is such a headache to use, but don't worry."

      After this message she backed out by messaging me, "Victoria, I am deeply very super sorry to say that I'm going to back up from this order. Apparently I was just told that I have to buy a lot of medical equipment for my college (this is so sudden, and to top it all just when I finally able to open an active paypal account). I am deeply terribly sorry. I hope your Rose will be sold to someone better soon."

      I believe she agreed to the sale once a price was agreed upon and once we agreed upon the first payment being sent in within 24 hours. This series of messages occurred between 2-25 and 2-26. Lesson for the future: stick to being interested in a sale (as she was in her first message) instead of agreeing to the sale and backing out. Clarissaholic has also removed her profile information and forum avatar.