Claudette- Rubinesque Beauty

Dec 16, 2016

    1. This is where I hope many happy doll owners will post about their gorgeous Claudettes and brag about their full-figured glory. Thanks to Arwen for sharing her vision with us and to all those who participated in Kickstarter to make the dream a reality! Please drop copious amounts of photos here and help each other out with patterns and ideas for this unique beauty <3
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    2. Hurray! I'm so happy she's on topic! I'll start things off with my Claudette next to my Limhwa half-elf


      I just love how in-scale the two of them look together. Someday, I hope to make them more than nudists!
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    3. Here's my girl:

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    4. Her wrap/shrug is gorgeous!
    5. I LOOVVEEE her body sculpt sooo so so much <3

      If someone has her, AND a Supia head... PLEASE put it on her body and share a picture~

      I wanna see if that Hybrid will work *_________*
    6. Oh my gosh, I wish I wasn't just discovering her now. She's gorgeous! ... I want one. :XD:
    7. So much love for this lovely lady! I am hoping there is a second run. Or Miro picks it up!
    8. I have a Supia Hamin head around somewhere; i'll try to get some pictures tomorrow. Though, I think Claudette's neck will be thick for most other heads.
    9. @Kachiin : So, I put Hamin on Claudette's body... It's... well....:|


      The Supia body's neck circumference is only 9cm, and I believe Claudette's is 13cm.
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    10. I'm very excited to see Claudette here on the forums. I was fortunate enough to get a fullset during the initial sale period. I am so thrilled that I am able to share her with everyone.

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    11. Oh my, I love her figure! So refreshing to see an amazing sculpt like this :love
    12. I knew her neck would be too big, but wow... She's all around too big! Even if you whittled the neck down. I'll have to mess with it in Photoshop and see whether I am right or not about it not working even with a nodded neck. Thanks for posting this!
    13. Amazing sculpt. I'm hoping to see more of her next to other SD size dolls.
    14. Omg

      I laughed so much i started crying

      Is that really a SD Supia head?? XDD

      It looks like an MSD on her body HAHAHAHAH (im wheezing)

      Thank you for the picture <3

      Super nice of you :3
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    15. oh she'd be great to sew for - I want one! :D
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    16. You would make her such amazing clothes, @elve! Like, a gown out of a sock. You should get one just so I can drooOoool!
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    17. not that I could afford her of course (if that's ever any hindrance!) but will Arwen be producing more of them?

      ETA - I know just how I want to dress her too - 1950's style - oh well I can dream...
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    18. Um, I think she's planning to- possibly more head sculpts as well. I think you can still sign up on her FB page and do a layaway, which I am doing. I know Miro likes them and hopes she'll make more 'good dolls' in the future!
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    19. well I'm calling mine Mavis - I need her now :whee: shame about my no layaway rule - and the 'I've got all the dolls I want' (think I said that just yesterday LOL) I'm looking forward to seeing your version of her anyway!
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    20. Was able to take a few more pictures of my Claudette. Still haven't figured out an unique name for her but Claudette fits well.

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