Preorder Clever Little Pre-order Mature 1:6th scale

Nov 6, 2016

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      PreOrders for Clever Little are open in my Etsy shop! Batchix Dolls by batchix
      PreOrder will be open from 11/6 to 11/19
      First batch will arrive in December, If there are more orders they'll arrive in January or February

      There are four skin tones available in this pre-order: High Elf, Wood Elf, Goblin Elf, and Fey Green

      Clever A and Clever B

      Clever Little is a 1/6th scale mature doll.

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    2. I'm having some problems with my shop, hopefully it will be back up shortly! Sorry for the inconvenience!

      *edit* it's back up! Sorry for anyone who tried to order during that time! I'm not sure why it went down!
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    3. I'm trying to determine if my eyes or my monitor are tricking me a bit with the color, but is the Goblin Elf color a very light purple or a very light gray? (Forgive me, sometimes I have a hard time deciphering in that color range.^^; )
    4. Koyico: Thank you! It should turn out really great! It will be more opaque as well.
      Osaka: It's a light purple in person, but it really depend on how you dress him. It's a really neat color!
    5. Ah, thank you! ^3^
    6. Out of curiosity, do they come with a faceup? It didn't say on the page :0