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Clothes and wigs for Bobobie 60cm male? D:

Jan 10, 2008

    1. I've tried a pair of Dollmore pants on him that were baggy on my Abio Angel...and they just fell off him. *_* Right now they're being held up with a belt. The shirt is a bit too big, too.

      I noticed that the Bobobie site doesn't have much by way of clothes. :sweat How am I supposed to dress this guy?
    2. I wish I had some good advice for you, since I'll soon be in the same boat when my very slim B&G boy gets here! I'm going to try my SD and SD13 girl size stuff on him, which I've found is very tight on CP boys (which used to be the "slim" ones, lol). Of course, length is probably an issue, though some of Volks' SD size pants I have are super long on my SD's so it could work.

      Also, I'm thinking stuff that is a tight fit on CP boys might work, since they are among the slimmest of the popular 1/3 scale boys. ^^ Dollmore's boy stuff tends to be kind of baggy, I've noticed, but that could just be me.

      Hope you find your boy some clothes! :daisy
    3. Yeah, the Dollmore pants are a bit long, too, but I usually have my boys in boots, so that's no big deal. :D

      I was actually wondering if the girl stuff might fit them...maybe Dollmore girl, since their stuff runs large. Might be a perfect fit! :XD:

      Except for shirts.
    4. please tell me if you found some clothes wich fits..
      i'll get a bobobie-body for my cp lu-wen soon too ><
    5. My Weylin fits into Souldoll girl jeans, Iplehouse girl jeans, Volks SD13 girl shirts and outfits...:sweat The only things I have that truly fit him are for girls, which is a bit problematic, because it's next to impossible to find boyish girl clothes.

      He can wear my HZ uniform that was made for CP boys, but it's a loose fit. The pants are too big, but they don't just fall off, so some CP boy clothes might work.
    6. Oh, that is really helpful Sara! I have a SD girl that is a total tomboy, and I've found Volks has some good boy clothes in the smaller size, since they make SD10 boys. :) So you guys could check there to see if there are any non-girly clothes you like. ^^
    7. thank you so much for the tipps *-*
    8. I've seen a Weylin on ebay wearing this dollheart clothes that I think Luts CP El can wear. So maybe Luts boy clothes could fit?
      All in all Bobobie boys look very skinny to me, I mean "normal" 60cm clothes should fit.
    9. I'm new. What do you mean by normal? I have a bobobie 60cm boy on the way and I'm looking at getting him some clothes. But I have no idea where to start. Any advice?!

      Thanks in advance!

      Jo aka bowiegirl1982 :aheartbea
    10. Are bobobies slimmer than fantasy doll?
    11. There's a strong chance that I might be getting a 60cm Bobobie doll within the next month or two so I've been trying to get everything prepared. I've started saving, researching (as in looking for/at potential items with a decent shipping cost), buying supplies needed to maintain the doll, and preparing a valid reason for my parents. My first conversation with my dad didn't go too well.

      Anyway, I've picked out everything except for the outfit. Well, I've decided which one I want:BREEZE SET For Senior delf (eluts.com) and if anyone could help find another traditional Asian outfit that would be great. Because I'm not sure if Luts will restock it or what. Actually any place where I can find clothes would be a great help.

      Any assistance with this would be great.

      Also, I hear that some Bobobie dolls don't fit the standard 60cm clothing size. Should I be worried about that?
    12. Ok so i have a bobobie weylin and would like to know what wig would fit him...i bought him a 8-9 wig but it's a little tight on him. Any ideas for a wig that would fit? Thank you! :daisy
    13. Wow thats a surpise Val is a weylin and he wears MSD 6-7

      Opps... i meant 7-8 lol.
    14. Bobobie Weylin - it says on the Bobobie website 22cm which is 8.66 inches = an 8-9 wig

      Try another brand? or remeasure yourself:

    15. I currently have 2 60cm male Bobobie hybrids. Has anyone found any line of clothing that fits these dolls particularly well? I main need pants info, but would love as much information as I can obtain.

      At the moment both of my boys are wearing jeans made by TaTa which are supposed to fit Luts bodies, from what I remember of her information. For the most part the jeans fit great. The only issue I have is that the waist is rather big. Should I just rig up some form of belt? I would really rather be able to find pants that fit a little snugger.

      Any help greatly appreciated! :}

    16. I've ended up just making them myself. :sweat I've actually started trying to sell some. :XD:

      I generally order from Dollmore, and they get the length right, but I need to cinch things up really tiny with the belt they sent. The cargo pants with the elastic top fit okay, but he's not a cargo kind of guy. D:
    17. Dollmore "skinny" jeans fit bobobie boys great. The pinstripe pants for some reason are a heck of a lot bigger, but extremely easy to take in, even with my limited sewing abilities.
    18. I don't know if this actually belongs on this part of the forum but I couldn't really figure out where else to put it.

      So here goes.

      I am getting a Bobobie Weylin as my first and I have tons of clothing and costume designs sketched up for him. One problem though, I have no cluw what what company's shoes fit him other than Bobobie shoes.

      Does anyone have any ideas or advice?
    19. Dollmore fits nicely. :) Bobobies have small feet, so you won't really have much of a problem.