Clothes for Doll Chateau Baby

Feb 19, 2019

    1. Hello. I'm looking for clothes that will fit my Doll Chateau Fiona and Wanda. They're both approximately 26cm tall and very skinny. I've heard that Blythe clothes will fit them... But what about Pullip or Azone? (Azone has different sized bodies though...)
    2. Shoe-wise, I've only found one kind of shoe that should fit the baby body on Etsy, but mine hasn't arrived yet so I can test.
      It's a very strange size. It was a 4cm long shoe. But their feet will be too big to fit into Blythe shoes, which are a good centimeter shorter than the baby body feet.
      These are the shoes: Fatiao - New Dollfie Yo-SD 1/6 BJD Doll Short boots Shoes (Size 4cm) Special offer
      All of the other ones I've found are well over a Centimeter too long. These are only about half a centimeter too long, so they leave room for socks.

      I haven't been able to get an answer from anyone about clothes though.
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    3. I actually researched this quite a lot.... Azone Pure Neemo medium and large should work, they are very similar in size to Blythe and some clothing that you can find for them is advertised for both Azone and Blythe bodies. Here are some good comparison pictures with measurments of Azone bodies:

      And Pure Neemo S vs Blythe: Comparison: JerryBerry, Licca, Pure Neemo S, Blythe, Moxie, and lastly, What's Her Face!

      The Pure Neemo M and DC baby body have almost the same chest circumference, the problem is going to be the length. So loose long dresses and tops designed for Pure Neemo M should fit well on dc body. Here is also a picture of my Zora in a dress that was advertised for Blythe, Azone and Momoko:

      dc zora2

      This dress was a little loose and short, so I had to add an underskirt.

      tldr: long tops and dresses will fit, buy things that fit snug on Blythe and loose on Azone
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