Clothes for Doll legend 44cm strong boy body...

Apr 30, 2019

    1. so, it seems the measurements are just outside MSD!

      * Height : 44cm
      * Neck Circumference : 6.9 cm
      * width of shoulder : 10.5 cm
      * Chest Circumference : 19.4 cm
      * Circumference of waist: 15 cm
      * Circumference of Hip: 19.5 cm
      * Shoulder to Wrist: 13.5 cm
      * Thigh Circumference : 11.8 cm
      * Foot Length: 5.9 cm
      * Foot Width : 2.4 cm

      I just ordered & I’m going to sculpt his head, so I have a while, but does anyone know of clothes that’d fit this body? The character is very small & wears oversized clothes so too big is fine, within reason! I though of maybe slightly adjusting sd13?
    2. I have this body, regular MSD clothes fits fine. If you want it to fit loosely, maybe try 1/4 BB (chubby 1/4) clothes? I think SD 13 clothes might be too big... but you should try it if it's what you are looking for.
    3. Problem with B.B. clothes is surely they’re baby clothes? I need adult styles...
    4. Clothes for Iplehouse FID/JID and Tonner Athletic/Peter Pevensie should work for oversized adult clothes, and Tonner Matt is close-ish. The measurements are also similar to Dollshe Fashion Mystic and Souldoll Soulkid. I have those two and they fit a lot of standard MSD-sized clothes, though it can be hit-and-miss.

      Here's a measurements collection:
      Tonner Matt:
      Chest: 21 cm
      Waist: 15.25 cm
      Hips: 18.75 cm

      Tonner Peter:
      Chest: 25.7175 cm
      Waist: 20.0025 cm
      Hips: 24.4475 cm

      Tonner Athletic:
      Chest: 26.035 cm
      Waist: 16.8275 cm
      Hips: 22.5425 cm

      FID Male:
      Breast size : 26.5 cm
      Waist measurement : 19 cm
      Hip measurement : 24 cm

      Soulkid N.L. Male:
      Shoulder width (w/ arm) 10.5 cm
      Chest 19 cm
      Waist 15.3 cm
      Hips 20.8 cm

      Dollshe Fashion Mystic:
      Chest 20.6 cm
      Waist 16.5 cm
      Hips 19.7 cm