Clothes for Dollzone Dong Dong

Jun 17, 2019

    1. Hey all!

      Can you recommend any shops where I can buy clothes for my DZ tiny? I am searching for Gothic dresses, Black dresses with long sleeves and shoes.

      Thank you ❤
    2. That's 1/8 size? about 16cm right? They are about Lati Yellow size so searching for Lati Yellow clothes might help. I think that's about the size of pukifee too (give or take a bit). They will be easier to search for since they are pretty popular too
    3. I will have a look, thank you! Its quite hard to find Goth clothes in that size :(
    4. I have a little goth at 1/6 size and it really is. I wish I had a specific shop to point you to but my 1/12 & 1/8 are all more girly/natural styled
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    5. If you can't find anything, you can always post a want to commission thread on here. :)
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