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Clothes for DZ Petdoll?

Dec 13, 2007

    1. I am waiting for my Fox and I was wondering what size clothes would fit them. I have seen a few around wearing clothes. What is yours wearing, does it work well? Is there any non-BJD clothes that would fit well? Pictures of the Petdolls wearing the clothes would be appreciated as well so I can see the fit.

      I know there is that size chart, but I am very bad with numbers and could not figure out what they were most similar too.

    2. Bumping, Featherfall is now carrying some outfits by Guessdoll specifically for them, but they all have pink...
    3. I just recevied my bunny and she fits into Kish Riley size clothes quite well:
    4. This post on the comparison sticky suggests they can wear the same size as Lati Yellow :)
    5. Thats my post. they can wear some lati yellow clothes, but not all. they are a tiny bit fatter so any fitted waist things will be too tight.
      I have both fox guess doll outfits and they look great on both the lati yellow and the fox!
      The one tux is black, and only the vest is pink. I think it works well with a boy fox. I've heard that guessdoll will be making more outfits if they sell well. and she is welcome to color suggestions. I've got more lati yellow clothes coming so I'll try them on when they come.
    6. Thank you! I just personally don't like the color pink - I had a terrible experience painting my whole room pink as a child.... I hope guessdoll does make some new clothes!

    7. Actually, for the boy suits at least you can request the coat in another colour ( not pink) -- I'm similarly averse to pink, so I know how you feel! ^_^;;
      PM me, and I'll be happy to pass the request along. ;)
    8. I hope you don't mind MareOfNight, but I'm just going to add my question to your post, rather than start a whole separate new thread.

      I know this is going to sound strange, but I would be interested in knowing if there are any shoes that will fit the DZ Petdolls too.

      I'm perfectly happy with my little guy's adorable bare foxy feet, but my friend has this thing about shoes...
      She absolutely hates to go barefoot, so she feels the same way about her dolls.

      Maybe those of you with similar sized tinies could try on the shoes as well as clothing. ^_^

      If you find some that fit please let me know.
    9. The Boneka shoes my little Hana is wearing fit the Bunny without socks. I didn't try if they will fit with socks, too.

      They are made to fit the Helen Kish Riley and Thula dolls. They are a tight fit on Thula and a loose fit on Elfdoll Hana. There seem to be different sizes, some only fit Riley who has a smaller foot than Thula, and other will fit Thula, too. I only have the Thula sized ones, so I cannot tell if the Riley only size would fit the Dollzone pets.

      I bought mine directly from Boneka at a doll fair, but Denver doll sells them, too.
    10. Has anyone tried Zuzu Delf-size clothes on the bunny or fox? I haven't seen any comparison pics yet, so I'm not sure how they compare, size-wise.
    11. Ellery Kish clothes fit perfectly on the Bunny. I believe that Ellery is the same size as Lati Yellow and Rosen Lied, so if someone has clothes from those dolls they may fit the bunny as well.

      Marzipan in Ellery Kish sized romper
      Also some Riley Kish shoes fit my bunny, others were much too big, depended on the style.
    12. Bump. I found that the Barbie pants and shirt I have fit the Fox, but are much too long. - Pants are double his legs and the shirt even covers his butt. With a bit of hemming they would be perfect!
    13. Ellery is thinner than the Fox. I tried the clothes but the arm holes
      were too small.
    14. Barbie Fashion clothes line...those clothes they sell in sets without the barbie, they fit amazing. Rifka has a bunch
    15. Bump for more ideas! Especially in need of BOY clothes! What to do for pants? Maybe some free patterns?
    16. This doesn't help with boy clothes, but my DZ bunny can fit (squeeze) into a dress made for American Girl minis. It closes all the way in the back, but just barely. She can also fit into a few vintage doll dresses that I have, a Susie Sad Eyes doll dress, and a Penny Brite dress. The Susie Sad Eyes dress came past her knees, but the Penny Brite dress fits really well. I think it was supposed to fit Penny Brite as a mini dress. She is taller than the DZ pet doll, so most of her clothes probably wouldn't fit. I have some Ginny clothes that were made to be very short on Ginny, and they fit the DZ bunny, too.
    17. Bump! Any seamstresses making clothes for them yet?
    18. Well I plan to make some clothing like kimonos pants and sweaters. But I hadn't had the time to properly sit down and rework patterns lately. I am hoping to do some soon.
    19. I have been able to put my DZ petfox into some of my Pullip clothes and shoes with good success. The boots are obviously big, but I though they look cute anyway.
      Here is an example:
    20. I made a couple of basics for my little bunny and made a couple of separates for a commission.


      Lati yellow pants and skirts are too tight for her, and I had to cram her into my lati yellow hoodie and I still need to make ear holes for her cute ears.

      I think things that are loose on Lati yellow may fit like some dresses I got from my sister but the leggings are a little tight


      I just love how they sit so comfy!