[ Clothes for MNF BOYS!!! ]

Oct 5, 2007

    1. I. keep. looking. but besides Luts does anyone know where I can get some boy MNF clothes? my kid is not a crossdresser, so I'm trying to stay away from anything that looks girly, however I would like something with color, not just black clothes.

      Yes, I'm aware that there is a thread that deals with GIRL MNF clothing, and boys are mentioned somewhere along the way, but that was not useful since it was girl focused and a lot of the boy links were dead!! XP

      My boy needs new clothes and I'm really not sure where I can get some high quality ones that fit, please help me out D: he neeeeds a bigger wardrove!!
    2. Dollmore clothing fits rather well (at least what I've owned) DoC sized clothing also fits good too. NightFall sells lots of clothing too. Try looking in the Marketplace as well.
    3. Dollmore? the msd sized ones?
    4. Yes their MSD sized section

    5. Thanks Carolyn XD !! Though this was the one I was referring to in my first post :sweat

      Keiin: Ok, I shall check that then :)

      If anyone has any other suggestions please post :D !!
    6. Brennil on the board sells clothes for Narin that should fit your MNF. Also try Mio, if your wallet can handle it. Friends2Bmade has a boy's line too, that's worth a shot. obviously, eLuts has great boy clothes too. I'm always eyeing the Marvin set and wishing Rebekah was a tomboy.
    7. I like the Marvin one as well XD, however since I want to order more than one set from a single place I'm resisting it XD. Can you provide me with some links to Brennil and Mio? n.n;;;

      Friends2BMade, I shall go look at that for now! n.n
    8. Man I'm having a LOT of trouble finding MSD boy's clothes that are on the 'tamer' side as well. I'm glad you made this thread...

      Though does anyone know where I could get simple clothes like plain slacks or 'dress' shirts?
    9. I think I saw some while browsing dollmore.net, did u try there?
    10. Yeah I juuust started browsing. :3

      I'd look in the market here but I can't buy yet...not old enough of a member...lol.
    11. Ah, I see XD good luck then!, though the suggestions provided up to now actually contain some rather nice clothing!! :D If you have trouble finding some of them tell me, I think I managed to find every site mentioned.

      More choices would be nice XD, the more I get to see before choosing the better XD
    12. Ah, thank you very much SS!! :D