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Clothes for Nobilitydoll Emotional boy body?

Feb 1, 2010

    1. Hi guys~ I'm having a hard time finding what clothes are closest to fit this tall, skinny boy. Is Super Senior delf closest? Not sure if just the body is 63cm or if it is the whole doll, but these are the measurements listed for the body on their website:

      Nobilitydoll Emotional body measurements:
      - Height : 63cm
      - Circumference of neck : 10cm
      - Circumference of chest : 24cm
      - Width of shoulder : 13.5cm
      - Length 'from shoulder to wrist' : 18.7cm
      - Circumference of waist : 20.3cm
      - Circumference of hips : 24.5cm
      - Length 'from waist line to ankle' : 35cm
      - Foot size : 7.3cm

      Post here what works and doesn't work for your boy please~ :D
    2. bump? Anyone know? :o
    3. I've got an emotional boy body! He's only got one outfit though :'D He'll wear regular SD shirts fine since his height is mostly in his legs. SD sized pants will be too short unless he wears them like a gangsta. I bought his pants here on DoA and they're SD13 and still a bit too short but too big in the waist. DM model size would be a bit too long but might be okay? The body is a rather odd size so what fits him in the waist won't in the legs and vice versa. I'll get back to you once I manage to find some more clothes ha ha.

      About SDF-the pants will be too short. SDF is only 62.5 cm with the head. ;_;

      eta: No, actually, model would be too big. But regular DM size would be close as well at 62cm(I dunno if this is W/head or w/o.
    4. Hmm, thanks for the info! I guess longer pants can be hemmed? :D I know 70cm boys are tall and thin, I wonder how those would fit around the waist...?
    5. I know this thread is quite old, but I do not want to open a new one.

      I am planning to get a nobilitydoll emotional body for my migidoll miho head and I am curious what clothes will fit him. (I don't want to leave my Miho naked ^^')