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Clothes for OrientDoll So?

Oct 4, 2007

    1. Aside from the Orientdoll site itself (which is mostly sold out) I've been having a rough time of finding clothing that will fit an Orientdoll So-sized tiny. Could someone point me in a good direction?
    2. I always have jeans for So on my web site.

      Have a few sweaters, but not too many left. Need to make some more - for Christmas I will.

    3. It is possible the patterns for the Takara Licca Kindergarten Kids might fit. I've seen the occational So borrowing their stuff. Books are avalible on Ebay and other places that would carry Japanese craft books.
    4. My So girl usually wears clothes meant for the normal Kelly dolls. I also have a living dead doll mini dress that she can wear. I hope that helps.
    5. Kelly cloths fit and also Bratz Babyz.
    6. I have over 1,000 Kelly dolls, the clothes and shoes don't fit. If you can get them on, they are VERY TIGHT. Shoes need to be cut to get onto their feet. If you can find older Kelly dolls, their clothes might fit - they were cut larger when they first came out in 1996. Kelly clothes fit Lilica and Naripon perfectly though - even the shoes.

      But, if you can find Paula or Kelly Klone dolls, their clothes DO fit, and so do the shoes!! I have seen them in Walmart and other stores in the US.

      Strawberry shortcake shoes fit, but I don't know about the boots - if anyone has the SSC dolls I would love to know.

      Hope that helps.

    7. I'm not sure about that, Mary Lee...my So kids wear Kelly all the time. That's pretty much all I dress them in. The items are short, but for me they fit fine widthwise, they can sit in the pants, bend knees, etc. They won't work as full-length pants, but for shorts/capris, I'm pretty happy with them. The tennis shoes and other Tommy shoes will fit as well, I've never had to cut them. Perhaps the US versions are a little larger?

    8. Hi, Denver Doll Emporium have lots of jeans in stock for the Orient Doll So at the moment because I've just re-stocked them. Some are straight forward Western Style and others have frayed hems for that worn look.
      All the jeans have rivets, topstitching, working back pockets and a real leather patch on the back, like real jeans have.

      Just look in http://www.denverdoll.com/hauteSharon.php

      Although it says 'out of stock' its just that their website hasn't been updated. Just email them if you're interested.
      Soon they'll have more dungarees/overalls and lots of new different stuff for the winter season as I'm working on them at the moment!:)

      Big hugs
      Sharon in Spainx
    9. I only recognize one of those outfits - are they the traditional Kelly outfits? Or the newer doll which came out this year? I have gone through about 200 outfits and they are way too short for most items. The lemon head stuff from a few years ago (if you can find it, I do have some older ones here and their clothes do fit - about a 5" tall doll)

      But I have been collecting Kelly for the last 7 years, and nothing I have for the standard 4.5" Kelly fits my So dolls. If you can find some of the International doll sets though, the shoes will fit - I have a few on my DOLL FOR SALE PAGE. Only because the shoes were made to be worn with socks.

      They all fit Lilica and Naripon though, so they don't go to waste.

      Clone outfits, like Paula will fit.

      If I can get the outfit on So, it won't do up at the back, sleeves are ALWAYS too short, and it ends up being a belly shirt.

      And no, all my dolls are from the US except for a few Canadian exclusives that were never available in the US.

      Mary-Lee :-)
    10. They're all Kelly/Tommy Club clothing pack clothes, bought in the last couple of years. They've been on clearance at Big Lots, a remainder item chain here in the US. Honestly, though, I haven't had any trouble with the Kelly stuff fitting them unless it's really fitted (generally pants, and then it normally is difficult for Fee as well). They are short, as I said, but the velcro seems to hold just fine. Odd. The tennis shoes are from a Tommy pack.

      I don't care for the fugly taller Kelly dolls they are doing now, they look like a mix of the Lemonhead and the traditional style, and the shoes look HUGE. Mattel seems to be floundering around for a look and just not really making it...first the traditional Kellys, then the Lemonheads, then the Amazons, now these new ones, all in just a couple of years. Bleah. Just go back to the old style, already.

      Anyway, it would definitely seem that Kelly clothing for So is one of those "try them and see if you like how they look" things.
    11. Actually, the shoes for the dolls in the stores right now - on the Kelly board we call them no neck Kelly dolls, the shoes fit perfectly!!! I bought a few dolls just to steal their shoes! You do need to clip the sides - just at the seam, and it isn't noticable. I have never forced my dolls feet into the shoes, but I heard if you boil the shoes they will be malleable and you can stretch them a bit. I may have to try that . . .

      It seems I don't have that clothing pack, but everything else I have tried does not fit. I do have a clothing pack on my FOR SALE page with shoes and many dresses, jackets for girls - only one outfit for the boys, perhaps I will open it . . . . just to be sure . . .

      The clothes from the no neck Kelly dolls don't fit though - just the shoes. I have a foot fetish.

    12. Sakura's princess dress fits her as does another Kelly outfit but another is too small for her. It's hit or miss. She fits Kelly ballet flats but not boots.
    13. My shift was cancelled today, so I am going through my dresser of Kelly Klothes, see if I can get anything for So to wear.

      Those overalls are cute, I have a doll with something similar, but not exactly the same.

      How did you get the tennis shoes to fit? I can't So's feet into them. Did you boil them? Or they just slipped on?

      Will post some photos later, so far, I can't get anything to close!! Whaa.

    14. The Kelly shoes are really just hit or miss. The more translucent ones tend to be a softer vinyl and will fit better than the harder, more opaque ones. Unfortunately Mattel isn't terribly consistent about which shoes they use, and some of the newer clothing sets will include older shoes, and vice versa.
      Dresses tend to work as shirts, and pants as shorts. Same deal with Takara Kindergarten clothing. I looked through my Takara sewing pattern books and the patterns have the same short-problem as the packaged clothing, so with the alterations needed you're really better off drafting your own. The books are good for ideas and inspiration, though! I do find the Takara shoes to be stretchier than Mattel's.
    15. My girl does wear a lot of Kelly clothes. The dresses are short, but I've never thought them to be too short. The only one I've not gotten all the way closed was a little mouse outfit (it came with mouse ears). I only have dresses for her, though. I guess I've just gotten lucky with her clothes so far...

      I am afraid to put the shoes on her. I did put a pair on once, and they were difficult to get off. I was afraid I would break her. I'm pretty new to bjds, so it was probably just me being overly careful.

      Both of these are Kelly dresses, and both close in the back

      This is the living dead doll mini dress, just for reference

    16. And very cute she looks too!
    17. The tennis shoes from the Tommy packs are softer, rubbery material, like the jellys. They just slip on and off. I've not had a problem with them fitting, really, at least nothing that stood out to me enough to remember it.
    18. I make onesy outfits just for the so kids. Am currently working on an underoo version for the boys. Will have one for the girls too, but my little Peter is demanding his clothes first. WIll post pictures next week. Am going to OH for the workshop.

      I have found that the Kelly costumess (ladybug, bee, etc) tend to fit very well but the rest is hit or miss.
    19. i find the dresses are the best. mine has a skirt shirt set and the skirt is a bit short. She also has shorts and a shirt and i have to open the shorts for her to sit.