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Clothes for Pipos Ringo?

Mar 3, 2008

    1. I'm thinking of getting a Ringo to hold me until I get my SD. I'm wondering what kinds of pre-made clothes (like barbie, etc) would fit it? I live near a Walmart and several other stores that sell barbie, bratz, knock off doll clothes so I wonder if anyone knew what would fit her? ^_^ Thank you!
    2. Well if you look on the pipos site for ringo it has the measurements and then if you search this site for Pocket Fairy measurements you will find they are very close!! so I think this little cat will fit Pocket fairy things :)
    3. Ah thank you! What is Pocket Fairy? Is that from barbie?
    4. Heres the pocket fairy measurements - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=83223&highlight=pocket+fairy+measurements

      Won't be a quick pick up at walmart a pocket fairy or as some refer PF is a ball jointed doll they come under the TINY area. From what I see things should fit except hats cause this cute cat has a bigger head. Ringo is really small. I don't know about the other dolls you asked about as I don't have any of them.

      Heres a gallery thread with the person who did the limited makeup version she is holding Ringo in her hands and it goes you a good idea of size also.

      Heres a link to the pocket Fairy gallery on here:

      I would ad your question to this thead you might get more replies about the bratz stuff etc....
    5. Kind of bumping this post - I am interested in this, too! I will be buying a Ringo soon, but I want to know what kind of pre-made clothes she can wear. ^^
    6. Lati Yellow is also very close.
      Ringo's body is the same size as Elfdoll's Alice Cherry Blossom.
      Ringo is 1cm taller, but the chest-waist-hips are the same. So, that is a help for me, anyway.
      Mine can share what little wardrobe I have.
    7. But I found the measurements closer to PF and found that they Lati yellow clothes will not fit Pocket fairy.

      ** Of course best way to find out for sure what will fit is to wait for my Ringo to arrive and try on the PF clothing if its too small then it would be nice if it fits lati yellow but I am hoping that ringo is PF size in body. A few measurements seemed a little smaller than PF even.
    8. I tried PF ones and some are acceptable. (but not all....^^;;)
      Like t-shirts and coat ! haha.
    9. So t-shirts and coat don't work? or do work?

      what did work? :) dress?
    10. oh~ sorry for making you confused.
      s-shirts and coat work !!! dress, not yet~! If I get some dress of PF's, I'll try ~
    11. The only problem with the PF clothes, is that the PF is a bit smaller. Lati Yellow is just a bit bigger.
      PF pants may be a little small. Lati pants may be a little big. Dresses and shirts should fit.
      *I am going off the size chart by Carolyn.S *
    12. My Ringo arrived today. (I got the basic version so he is in desparate need of emergency duds!) He is indeed a little cutie. I immediately went to work digging thru all my dollie clothes to see what I had that might fit. The first thing I found were a couple dresses I had bought on ebay that were sold as "fitting Kelly" but were too big for my Puki. I'm wondering if perhaps they were for the 6" version? I found a few pair of Barbie shorts that worked; thou they were a bit long. Everything else was just too big in Barbie land.Girl Bratz pants were all too small wasted. I did find a few skirts that worked. It was hit and miss. Some of the tops work but only the s/sleeve ones because of Ringo's larger hands and thicker arms. Bratz boys things were all too big. The majority of my Kelly clothes are too small. A few of the little shorts work but they are very short in the waist.

      Those are the only things I have and can advise on so far. Hope it helps. I thought he'd be a bit smaller but he's sure a cutie! Mine came with purple eyes, which I love. I've named him "Snowie" after my real white kitty.
    13. Has anyone tried Ellery Kish clothes on Ringo?
    14. I wanted to try maybe going to michaels to find doll clothes..I know they carry them but i'm not sure about sizes and what not... ._. luckily i got the lim. pink baby clothes ringo...I want more clothes for her however..just being a baby wont do. though shes too cute..I named my lil girl Penelope and she has dark green eyes.
    15. Hello, I knit clothes for pipos ringo if you are interested.
      Have an outfit in marketplace at the moment.
      thank you
    16. I just thought I'd share my Baby Blue Ringo wearing an Alice/William Winterberry outfit. :D They fit great, though the hat doesn't pull down all the way.

    17. Has anybody found out if Lati Yellow clothes fit?
    18. If she is the same size as Rooney, Riley stuff is just a dibble off. I have patterns for Rooney size that I made...would be willing to make to your order...see pics of my Rooney in the thread on Rooney. Thanks
    19. I had the same problem when i got my Ringo, i initially bought an Alice/William Winterberry outfit, which seemed to fit perfectly since Ringo's body size is similar to Alice/William Winterberry's body size. Having said this though, I did try to find other suitable clothes and found that it was harder to source clothes than i thought it would be. I searched everywhere and eventually found clothes meant for a my scene barbie doll at a discount store which seemed to fit and only needed to be adjusted slightly.
    20. For those that sew, perhaps it would be possible to make a pattern of the one or two outfits Pipos sells to fit Ringo and then make more in different fabrics. Also make long sleeves vs short, or lengthen the top and put some ruffles on the bottom and make it a dress instead of a top and shorts. I can't sew or I'd try it. Just a thought! I know I'd sure like to have a pair of jeans and jean shorts/skirt for the little guy, then some t tops.