Clothes for Popo Doll 68cm boy?

Dec 22, 2010

    1. I wondered what those boys can wear. I searched around but haven't found much. I only know that Super Senior Delf stuff fits though shirts seem to be a bit loose on them. What else can they wear? :?
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    5. Buuump! Does SD17 or hound stuff fit?
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    10. I remember, that Ebay seller Jeeryama once told me, that the company Heise Jinyao (HZ) can make clothes, that will perfectly fit Popo Doll 68cm body. But you need to specify this when you make an order. I mean, to write that the clothes should be made for PopoDoll bjd.
      HZ makes very beautiful outfits. Check them here
    11. Oooh thank you! :D
    12. I've had clothes from Dollzone on mine and HZ clothes meant to fit Dollzone 70cm. The fit was a bit tight but it worked. Not sure I'd recommend it though since one of the shirts I tried couldn't button all the way.
    13. HZ clothes for their 65cm dolls won`t fit POPODOLL 68cm body. And HZ clothes for 70cm boys will be slightly big, I think.
      I meant, that if the person contacts Jeeryama and tells her that the clothes should be made specifically for Popodoll 68-cm body, the company will make the clothes on request.

      Lanilu, several days ago I ordered some clothes from Angell-Studio for my Popodoll 68cm vampire. When the clothes arrive, I`ll post the photos in this thread :)
    14. Oh, I wasn't saying that that's what you meant. I was just throwing that out there as something I"d tried on the body before.
    15. I asked alice's collections about their 70cm size and they said it's made to fit dollzone 70 and that it should fit popodoll, too. I guess it's good that I was sceptical... öö Also, dollzone has several 70cm bodies, don't they? How do you know for which body the clothes were made?

      kozabo: Yay, thank you! ^^

      I bought an sd17 outfit last week or so. I hope it'll fit but I'm afraid the trousers at least won't. Oh well, we'll see...
    16. At the time I ordered my Dollzone clothes, they only had the original body. I'm not really sure how one tells which body they are for now.
    17. Popping in to confirm that Alice's Collections 70cm does indeed fit. I bought a shirt from there and it fits, but it is slightly on the tighter side.
    18. My Volks SD16/17 outfit arrived. The shirt fits but the pants are a bit too short and my boy can't sit in them with closed snaps.
      I wonder about Alice's Collections pants...
    19. random bump for clothing infos. I am curious about feet as well, are they huge?? Small? Do I need to go shoe shopping or will SD13 shoes fit?
    20. The feet aren't really that big.They measure about 8 cm long and 3 cm wide.

      I'm finding it rather difficult to find pants >_>