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Clothes for Soom Mecha Angel boys

May 12, 2007

    1. I don't know if this has been discussed before. Can Sabik wear outfits from Kyle (Dollmore Model)?
      I would really appreciate some advice ....
    2. I have a Sabik and tried on some Dollmore Model Doll Man clothes on him and the tops seem to fit. I've tried the Dress shirt, the sleeves shirt and the Parisienne Hood T. I can't rememeber if I tried the leather jacket on him or not, I think so and it just fit. The shoulders in the shirt are a touch snug but I think they look good on him. I ordered some more items from Dollmore so I can tell you when they arrive how they fit as well. But I have not tried Dollmore pants.

      I'll try and post some pictures in the next few days. Sabik can also where Hound shoes. Their feet are pretty much the same size. But Sabik's waist is too big for the pants and his legs are too long.

      Hope it helps.
    3. Thanks very much, that was very helpful indeed.
    4. You could probably commission some clothes for him. I regularly sew for Hound and if I had an exact waist mesurement and finished leg length, I could probably get darn close to an excellent fit for Sabik pants wise.
    5. pris: I've been eyeing the leather jacket on Dollmore's site...in fact, I've been eyeing their coats. XD;; I wanna see how he looks in it, so please post pictures! ^^
    6. I'd be really interested to know which clothes fit him too......or he's going to sit naked when he arrives.
      Also does anyone kow who would/does make clothes for him?
    7. The tops from Dollmore (Model Doll Kyle size) fits him well. And for the others, I think the only way to have him well dressed is to buy his clothes at SOOM or to sew them. My boy has almost every piece of clothes bought from SOOM.
    8. Do you know if the Kyle size tops are actually long enough as well as fitting him?
    9. Hopefully they are... XD; Someone on a different but similar thread said that Hound sizes were a bit short, but I'm not too sure. That's a Hound size and Model K comes also with a larger build so Sabik should fit... From just looking, I'd think that the shirts will come up around his waist. I guess we'll just have to wait for pictures. XD
    10. Tops in Model Doll size, like T-shirts and so, fits him well, they don't look short. But maybe the shirts won't fit him, because Sabik has a bigger back than Kyle.
    11. Ok thanks.......maybe I will order him a couple of t.shirts A lot of the soom clothes are out of stock.
      Now just need something to cover his bottom half :lol: