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Clothes for Super Senior Delf?

Feb 12, 2009

    1. I know I can get clothes for them on their own web site but besides that is there another place?

      Like for example

      can they wear the same clothes as the 70cm dolls from

      Doll-zone (http://www.doll-zone.com/showcatalogue1.asp?ps=31)
      Doll more (glamour and model doll)
      Tata-s paradise (http://www.tatabjd.com/en/)

      and also if anyone knows where can i get kimonos for 70 cm
    2. I'm not entirely sure, but clothes for a 70 cm doll might fit a super senior pretty well. They're about the same I think. As far as kimonos go. I know of someone who makes custom kimonos, she's a seller here on DoA actually. PM mel-mel-chan, ask her about it. Either she makes them or her friend does.

      You might also want to try Ebay to see if they have any clothes for that size.
    3. Out of experience what clothing other than the Luts stuff fits them?

      I would think that Hound/dollshe size would be too small, but what about Dollzone? Or even SD17 size tops?

      Anyone have anything that they can try? My boy needs a bigger wardrobe D: And luts don't seem to be making more clothes.

    4. Bump? Needs more clothes.

      DZ70 is too small across the shoulders/back :/
    5. bump needs more clothes too DX alteast pants D:
    6. Luts isn't planning on making SSDF clothes for a while yet they said they're too busy making new dolls and that after they've done clothes for them then they'll think about making clothes for SSDF.

      ie. Nothing new from them till after winter/summer at the earliest.

      D: Agreed needs more pants. And coats. ;~;

      EDIT: Mecha angel stuff fits, but is as you would expect, a little big. Dollmore Model doll stuff fits pant wise, but they can't really... sit. Just that little bit to small round the waist.

      Also EID tops would fit, maybe a little big. But the pants are a big no. Waaaaay to big round the waist.
    7. So, for my first bjd I plan to get an SSDF Flood, from Luts, But I got no idea where to find him some clothes, or at least to what size to be looking at.
    8. Dollshe sized shirts/pants should work. Mine can also wear DoI pants and Supergem shirts. They may not all work, but that should give you a size range.
    9. thanks! for the anvice I always thought they were skinny could you give me an example if you dont mind ? D:
    10. I've tried the SOOM supergem shirt on my SSDF body. Works ok only a bit small.
      I've got a suit from Sunny's for him too. Great fit.
      Also, EID cloths are not a very choice...My Akando are much wider then my SSDF body. Cloths for EID will be too big for SSDF.
      Hope it helps.
    11. O: thanks I was wondering if dollmore clothes pants and shirts work

      and does anyone make kimonos for them here?
    12. Some Dollmore Model doll pants can work on SSDF. But most of them can not. Especially those tight jeans... no no.
      I guess Glamor Model pants should be ok, but may be too long.
      And for their shirts, i've tried on my SSDF, work fine!
    13. Hound pants would be too tight :/

      But yeah some dollmore pants work, but the tighter ones won't at all.

      The problem is that they aren't skinny X3 They're quite wide around the hips and back, so tight things won't fit.

      Loose shirts for hound/dollmore would (and I know dollmore do) work fine though ^^ It's just the trousers that you have trouble with.
    14. ..So are there no pants that fit the SSDF right?
    15. sigh i was thinking that too D: is so sad that luts doesnt really make a variety of pants for them D: the rest of the dolls are too skinny and iple house heroes are way bigger XD
    16. I make a quick summary from all of your posts :
      Soom Mecha Angel [stuffs]- A little big.

      Dollmore Model [pants] - Pretty fit, but can't really sit.

      IpleHouse EID [tops] - Would fit, maybe a little big.
      IpleHouse EID [pants] - Big NO.

      Dollshe [shirts/pants] - Should work.
      DoD DoI [pants] and Soom Supergem [shirts] - May not all work, but that should give you a size range.

      Soom Supergem [shirts] - Works ok, only a bit small.
      Sunny's [suit] = Great fit.
      IpleHouse EID [tops] - Will be too big.

      Dollmore Model [pants] - Can work on, but most of them can not.
      Dollmore Model [tight jeans] - Big NO.
      Dollmore Glamor Model [pants] - Should be ok, but may be too long.
      Dollmore Glamor Model [shirts] - Work fine.

      Hound [pants] - Would be too tight.
      Dollmore & Hound [loose shirts] - Work fine.
      [trousers] - Have trouble with.

      Dollmore Model [shoes] & Soom Mecha Angel [shoes] - Fit fine.

      Dollmore Model [loafer shoes] - Fit really really really tight.
      Soom Mecha Angel [shoes] - Don't think Mecha Angel shoes will fit because Mecha Angel fits SD13 shoes.


      So actually, I'm about to buying some of Dollmore Glamor Model or Model stuffs [like clothes, pants, etc etc], but pretty confuse will it fits my boy's SSDF body or not... >.<~
      Any pics for SSDF with other clothings beside Luts one ? Thanks in advance.
    17. What about Volks SD17? Raphael clothes for SD17? Has anyone tried some of those stuff?
    18. Does anyone know if SD17 clothes fit SSDF?
    19. I don't think SD17 size clothing will fit a Super Senior Delf, the sleeves and pant legs are too short. SD17 boys are 65cm tall so the Super Seniors are a good 5.5cm taller, most of that extra height is probably in the legs.

      Sleeveless clothing and shorts or cut off pants in an SD17 size might fit but I'm not sure how their shoulder measurements or chest circumference compare.
    20. I agree. . .my SD17s are much more slender than an SSDF ^^;; they are rather large. . .definitely bigger than DOI, Feeple, DZ 70s. . . My baggier Dollmore Model clothing would fit, but some of it is too small. . .Feeple, DZ 70 clothing, and DoI clothing can fit depending on the way it hugs the body~