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Clothes for Tiny Boys?

Mar 18, 2010

    1. I am really struggling trying to find some clothes for my tiny boys. There is an abundance of girls clothes but very little in the boy department.
      I have ended up changing one of my poor Felix Doll Brownies in to a girl just in order to make dressing her (him) easier.
      Any recommendations? I think there is a huge market out there for more boys clothes in this size range.
    2. I agree. Boy clothes are way harder to find. Maybe you could custom a boy outfit from one of the talented folks who create original designs.
    3. Spampy makes cute boy clothes for tinies - she usually has a thread going in the marketplace. My only boy is a Jaimedoll Adonis (lati yellow/pukifee size) - she made these for him, and she also makes great stuff for puki, realpuki, and other smaller sizes.



      For lati yellow and similar size tinies, I have found boy clothes on etsy, and RubyRed Galleria has some cute outfits, though they are pricey. Here's my guy in one - it's actually a little suit, and comes with a blazer jacket, too:


      Edit: I thought of another great seller of tiny clothes: dambuster01 (Sharon in Spain) in the commisions forum. She sews for lots of dolls, but I believe she started out making clothes for tinies that she sold through Denver Doll. Like Spampy, she pays attention to details and her clothing is amazing.

      Good luck! Hope this helps!

    4. Another one who can make tiny boy clothes is Indollgence (She's on here as LillyKitten)- she makes stuff for my Pukifee boy, who also fits Lati Yellow - she's always happy to some for more boys.
    5. i agree its hard to find different stuff for the boys... i have been making my own in the end... i have a pukipuki and a unidoll boy and trying to get them cool clothes is hard.... i may be adding boy clothing bits to etsy at some point
    6. My PukiPuki boy has clothes from Kelly and Tommy dolls and underwear from Spampy! I'd really recommend commissioning some clothing from her.. She's awesome and has lots of boy style fabrics to choose from. :D

      I've gotten lucky in the Marketplace recently and have been able to find some cute outfits for my boy too! It doesn't hurt to look in there once in a while :3

      Most tinies have interchangeable clothing. I know that Brownies, Lati Whites and PukiPukis can all wear the same clothes.