clothes for Unolas?

Dec 12, 2006

    1. Rose and I have been looking for some clothes for our poor Elgyn [Unola Azurite] as he has basically nothing, and Rose doesn't particularly want to make clothes that tiny. Epona [Flourite] will be home some time next week and bringing a whole pile of things with her, so we're not too worried about her at this point. We found a lot of really cute things on the Volks site for their 1/6 WTG dolls though and wondered if they would fit our tiny Unolas.
    2. It depends. The WTG girl clothes are sized to the EB Beauty S, which is very slim. I don't know how her body compares to Flourite's. The boy clothes are closer to Ken doll size, so if your Azurite can wear Ken doll clothes, then the WTG boyfriend clothes should fit fine.
    3. WTG clothes have fit my UnoLas thus far . . .the WTG Boyfriend clothes are *far* too big for both Artemis and Akiva, alas!

      -- A :)
    4. Ah, good to know! I was unsure of the size comparisons.
    5. Bratz boy clothes so far have fit my Azurite, Sawyer. I only have 3 outfits so i'm not a 100% sure on all of the boy clothes if they fit...but so far so good they fit really well...especially the pants. (the shirts are occasionally a tad to big, but nothing extreme...just an cm or two too big) I imagine Ken clothes would be waaaaay to big...but barbie clothes fit Flourite with a little alteration. My Cleo has a huge wardrobe from barbie and bratz. :) Hope this helps!
    6. Someone WTG girl stuff fits Limhwa ToYou so you could compare her measurements to Unola...

      ToYou body measurements:
      height - 27 cm = 10.62 inches
      bust - 10.9 cm = 4.25 inches
      waist - 8 cm = 3.15 inches
      hip - 11 cm = 4.33 inches

      Unoa Light
      Bust: 10 cm
      Waist: 8 cm
      Hips: 11 cm

    7. The boyfriend clothes fit Yo-sd, and they are quite thicker than Unolas. I would definately try bratz boyz, because Azurite is a skinny lil thing!
      I am so glad you will own my once dear girl Flourite! She will finally have a friend her size!
    8. I had to log quickly after posting the measurements. If you are asking about a female Unola, then based on her measurements being so close to ToYou's I would say she will fit in WTG girls, may fit in clothes for Volks/Obitsu 27cm and Takara Jenny, and may fit in clothes sold as fitting Blythe and Momoko.

      All with the caveat that the sleeves are not too tight to get larger hands through, and the Momoko-size stuff also with the caveat that the waist area and limbs of the outfit are not body-fitting.

    9. Jenny stuff has fit my UnoLa boy and girl -- in fact, Akiva is wearing Jenny trousers right now, because most other pants are too short for him. Bratz Boyz stuff fits Fluorite and Azurite, but the pants are noticeably short on Azurite.

      -- A <3
    10. Thanks for all the help so far you guys. ^_^ Rose and I are looking at some of the more unisex WTG clothes to perhaps purchase for Elgyn after we pay off our Unoa body.

      sumomo: we're very very happy to have Epona coming home with us. We're also happy she will have a tiny friend as well. Rose has been drawing cute little winter pictures of Epona and Elgyn in all the happiness. Perhaps we'll post some when we go on a picture spree upon Epona's arrival. We do have both you and Pakou to show that Epona's come to a good home after all.