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Clothes: Hand made or mass produced?

Mar 1, 2009

  1. I make my own.

  2. I buy hand made clothes

  3. I buy company made clothes

  4. I use any and all sources for clothes.

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    1. I have been wondering for some time now. As I plan on making most of my dolls their clothes I have been looking for ideas everywhere. But yet I also plan on purchasing some clothes as well.

      The question is how many of you make or buy hand made clothes / accessories and how many prefer to purchase mass produced from the companies.

      I do know that some of us can not deny the limited edition clothes made for certain dolls and special events. But in general what do you use to cloth your dolls.
    2. I tried making my doll clothes...^_^; that was interesting. It wasn't my sewing abilities, but I kept getting these weird black fuzzies comming off on my doll! O.O It was traumatizing! Beware of stuff that comes off on your doll haha. I would honestly prefer buying stuff from a manufacturer (spelling issues...), but I'm too poor so I have to keep trying!
      Good luck!
    3. I do both. I make some and I buy some. Mostly buy, lol.
    4. Looking through my dolls' clothing I really seem to be about 50/50 on the company vs handmade.
    5. Right now I prefer making my own, even though the quality is only so-so as I'm not that good yet, and only hand sew right now. But I know I'll get what I want for each doll if I make it myself. If I find something I want/need that I can't make myself, I'll buy it from who/where ever it is available.
    6. I don't actually have a doll yet, but I am making him a pair of pants, baggy pants so they are more likely to fit . . . and I am trying to leave seams allowances so I can quickly make any alterations . . . I'm not gonna be able to buy him any clothes for awhile, so he's stuck with me and my meager sewing skills (and no shoes) until my bank account recovers from paying for him . . .
    7. I've bought from several companies, and from at least Wicked Stitchery in the local hand-made category.

      And I've made clothes.

      Mostly though, I've made Plans for making clothes. I must measure many many dolls & get their patterns made; then I may be able to get some plans to completion.

      Ann in CT
    8. I make my doll clothing.
      The only thing I have purchased in the way of clothing is a Fer coat.
    9. I like making my own clothes, but if a comapany has something I like, I might buy it. Anymore, I usually just make them, but I have comissioned an outfit as well^^ If I like the outfit, I'll get it, regardless of where it comes from.
    10. I would sew my own clothing...if anyone in my family would teach me how to sew -_-

      The sewing books make it seem like anyone can do it, but I can look at one of those books for HOURS and mess up the second I stick the needle in the cloth.
      All the clothing that I have for my boys was bought, although it was all freebies (from the wonderful woman who sold me my dolls), so...I can't really complain. I have yet to actually buy any clothes for my boys because I don't have a good enough camera to take loads of pictures, so I don't see the need for them to be all fancy and beautiful looking...just so they can lounge around on my bed all day.
      Hopefully in the near future (or sometime in the future) I'll learn how to sew. For now though, my boys don't mind hanging out in girl tights or pants. (Plus it makes it so much easier to get to their legs when they decided to go all wonky)
    11. I can't sew worth a darn so I buy everything. I've bought from some of the BJD companies and I've also used a few of the talented seamstresses on here to make some items for me.
    12. A majority of my dolls' wardrobe is a combination of company-made and homemade clothes I've bought, as well as some outfits I've made. It's not the lack of skill that's preventing me from making more clothes--it's the lack of time. Unfortunately, I'm not talented enough to sew and do homework at the same time. :(
    13. I like to make my dolls' clothes. I wish I had more time to do so though :sweat But I like it ^-^
    14. Really my favorite thing is hand-made. This is probably because my first introduction to the entire BJD hobby was being introduced to my best friend (now roommmate)'s doll and (since at that point he was mostly unclothed) having an instant need to knit him things.

      I have since completed armsocks for Elijah and a sweater-shift thing for her other doll, Kasumi, and am working on a sweater for Elijah. I know when I finally get one of my own, the first thing he'll be wearing is the sweater I'm planning for him.

      On the other hand of this, I really like a lot of the company-produced clothes and have no problem with other people's hand made clothes; I'd really imagine myself going anywhere. So long as it looks good (and will fit my doll-- sizing is the only issue that makes me most wary of buying from smaller sources). <3
    15. All of Maggie's clothes were made by me...not necessarily because I don't like the company made clothes...but because they are so expensive!
      Gotta cut costs somewhere. :sweat
      I do like being able to make whatever I want...but yeah...some things are beyond my talent at the moment. Heh.
    16. Other than shoes I hand make all my dolls clothing. Its surprisingly less expensive.
    17. It depends on my doll.

      Like, I simply cannot have Michael in hand-made clothes. It just doesn't seem right, since his character is very prissy and brand-name oriented. :| So he gets all of his stuff bought from the most expensive retailers. His clothes often end up costing almost as much as mine, and I like brand-names too.

      Russel, on the other hand.... I need to get to sewing his kingly outfit soon. Because in his character's world, only rich people can afford to buy hand-made clothes, so he look right in hand-made clothes.

      I guess, if it weren't for this weird self-imposed mental block, I don't have any preference and would grab whatever interests me/make my own. I can sew, too, but I usually don't have the time.
    18. A lot of their clothes were purchased, because I didn't get into sewing until recently. Now I find that I do enjoy making stuff for them, however, there are some items I do not feel I can make well and would rather go ahead and buy.
    19. At the moment An is sitting next to me with her self-made dress and her new today made stockings, otherwise barefoot. Her wig was handmade by the seller. I'm waiting for a pair of shoes, a DZ wig, some plastic/eraser accessories, and a hand made backpack and a commissioned sweater. I will be making her a tank and a pair of panties and jeans in the coming days. I prefer to make because it's cheaper, I have 2 sewing machines, and the tutorials on this forum have made me sewing lazy. "What? A pattern?! Nah..." lol

    20. I've done doll sewing since I was about 7 or 8 and I am 58 now. Here's an odd fact: one of the first dolls I sewed for was an antique bisque "penny doll" I got from my great aunt's attic and it was just about the size of a puki! I still have it, carefully put away, now that I realize how valuable it is (in terms of history if not money).

      There are things I simply cannot buy commercially for my herd; the superhero outfits, Steampunk and high fantasy outfits. What I would love to find are more patterns.