clothes question - does all clothing fit the same?

Jul 27, 2016

    1. I expecting a 63cm Impldoll ( Draven) and have a question regarding clothes. I'm new to this "hobby"...will any clothes that fit a 63cm bjd work or does it have to work with his particular physique? Thank you, in advance.
    2. Just like people - shirts that have arms as long as his, shoulders as wide, same or bigger chest, then it will most likely fit him no matter what sculpt the shirt was designed for. I've the Adam Harris shirt pattern (& pants too) that were designed to fit old YID boys. That shirt fits Super Gem boys, Limhwa boys, my Volks SD10 - all the 55-65 cm SD boys I have, in other words.
    3. ok thank you...sometimes I read posts and they say that certain clothes will not fit their bjd's.